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Oct 3, 2007 12:04 PM

Best Dungeness Crab in October

Can anyone tell me where to get really good crab in October? I've been to Crustacean many times but don't like the atmosphere but love the Garlic. I've also tried Thanh Long with mixed results. Does anyone suggest R&G Lounge or PPQ Dungeness Island?

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  1. I don't think you can get really good Dungeness crab in October. It's out of season, I think even in Alaska, so everything is either going to be frozen, or have been living in a tank for too long (crabs don't eat in a tank, so the lose weight and get waterlogged).

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Commercial Dungeness Crab season in Alaska is currently open.

      There are areas of Alaska whose commercial dungeness crab season is open until Dec 31.

      Canada is probably open too.

      Washington just closed their commercial season.

      Fresh Live Dungeness Crab is commercially available all year, but is affected by the weather, and in the SF area it is also affected by price, i.e., if the processors won't pay what the fishermen want (need), the fishermen won't harvest.

      California's San Francisco Season is the first to open, then going up the west coast, other area's open, ~every few weeks, going north an area's season opens. Some Alaska areas open when SF's season closes (June)

      Due to the popularity of fresh (vs frozen vs canned) Alaskan seafood, Alaskan Airways has dedicated planes flying fresh seafood to the "lower 48". If you see an Boeing 737 with a salmon painted on the side, it is probably transporting seafood vs. passengers.

        1. re: Alan408

          thanks a lot for the insight. so what's the exact in-season timespan of dungeness crabs in SF? if it closes in June, then when does it begin?

          oh wait, did Sushi Monster (below) just answer my question? hmm

      1. Local Dungeness crab season usually opens here on or around 11/15. If last year and the year before are any indication, there will be an initial shortage if weather's poor. Then things will settle down price-wise. I would look very very carefully at any crab being sold before then -- and wager that it's flash-frozen Alaskan king crab.

        Sushi Monster

        1. I bought a 2.5 lb. crab out of a tank last week and it was totally worth it. It was too expensive, and not as plump and white as local in season, but great flavor, not stringy and not shriveled.

          1. PPQ is definitely worth a trip. Sort of down & dirty but if you want roasted crab with garlic noodles it's just what you need.