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Oct 3, 2007 11:40 AM

Entertaining Business Dinner

I need a fun/unique restaurants for important entertainment clients from Florida. There will be twelve of us. Food is always important but atmosphere more so. Not really restricted by geography.

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    1. I bet 12 people can fit in the tatami room at Musha.

      You could also see if you can somehow secure a large reservation at Mozza.

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      1. re: SauceSupreme

        I love Dar Maghreb for big parties.

        Mozza (Pizzeria) has a private room...I inquired about it. It was $1500 ($80pp) for party of not sure of your budget.

        Another alternative would be the private room at can design a 6 course menu with the chef ($40pp) and BYO wine for pairings. No corkage!

        1. re: Clinton

          I was a guest this wekend at a dinner at Social (formerly Hollywood Athletic Club). I did not know what to expect as it is a nightclub and last time I was there was in the 90's....

          It was really fun, we had two rooms upstairs, one with a pool table and bartender, the other for dining. The food was a revelation. I expected little dry things in skewers or towers of beets and watercress. What we were served was exceptional, from the lobster salad (big chunks of main lobster with salad greens, mustardy dressing and avocado and crunchy salmon skin as a garnish) to the choice of salmon or chicken (I had vegetarian plate of gnocchi with spinach and roasted tomatoes-delicious!). The service was wonderful. The guest of honor brought in his wine choices and the bottles were decanted and served with each course.

          Dinner was at 7.30 and by the time we finished, the club downstairs was hopping and there was lots of celebrity spotting (at least their bodyguards). The decor was sophisticated, not tacky (a pleasant change from 1993).

          Overall it was impressive and delightful. I have no idea how much it cost.

        2. Please please don't go to Crustacean. And, I think Moun of Tunis beats Dar Maghreb for pricing/value.

          Boulevard3 has a cool ambience like Social.

          Palms This always entertaining with Elvis.

          Vibrato Jazz and Grill is fun w/ a great jazz show every night.

          If they're entertainment focused, you might go somewhere like The Ivy for celeb spotting or Katana, or even Asia de Cuba.

          For hands-on fun, Soot Bull Jeep for korean bbq.

          More suggestions...
          Celadon on 3rd
          Tagine ... fun and unique Moroccan w/ nice tasting menu
          Gardens of Taxco (fun)
          Cha Cha Cha