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Oct 3, 2007 11:34 AM

Dried Cherry Pie?

Has anyone ever made a cherry pie using only dried cherries? I've heard good things here about "Just Cherries" brand dried cherries and was thinking I'd reconstitute them using tart cherry juice. But, not wanting to reinvent the wheel - or ruin an evening on a bad idea - I thought I'd check here first for success or horror stories.

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  1. I've never tried it, but I love raisin pie. Most raisin pie recipes are pretty simple - I would take one, replace the water with cherry juice, maybe add a little amaretto, and report back!

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    1. re: curiousbaker

      Thanks for the tip. Until now, I had never heard of raisin pie. But this is exactly the technique I had in mind. This still doesn't guarentee I won't make a mess of it, but it's good to know it's not uncharted territory.

      1. re: paulcooks

        Do a taste test for sweetness - they often add sugar to dried cranberries/cherries, more so than for raisins. It could throw off your recipe.

    2. I've had dried cherries in apple pie that was really good but can't imagine a whole pie w/ dried cherries. I'm not a big fan of a huge amount of dried fruit, though.

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        I can`t see where you can go wrong. get yourself a gallon of vanilla ice cream and with
        that combination you can`t go wrong.

      2. The pie turned out well, though it wasn't at all what I had been expecting. I guess I thought reconstituting dried cherries would actually reanimate them. I know, a bit too optimistic. Anyway, I heated the dried cherries in an equal amount of tart cherry juice, then mixed in sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, and almond extract. It didn't have the volume that a fresh fruit filling would, but I went ahead and baked it into a two crust pie and it was quite good. Its height reminded me more of a tart than a pie, but the tart cherry flavor was exactly what I was trying for. I may try it again but mix this filling in with some fresh sweet cherries - the only frozen cherries I can find locally. I'm also going to try a sweet cherry pie with a tart cherry juice reduction. We'll see.

        All that said, thanks for the suggestions!

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        1. re: paulcooks

          I can never find fresh tart cherries either. But regular cherry pie has never been my favorite. I actually think I might like the dried cherry version, because I'm imagining a cross between fresh cherry and something like a raisin pie or mincement - a bit of the depth and chew of dried fruit.

          1. re: curiousbaker

            Evidently, fresh tart cherries are available for about 20 minutes in July. And this year, I was able to get my hands on some. If you like the "depth and chew of dried fruit" (nice phrase!) then I do think you'd like this pie. I used almond extract and a splash of brandy - though Amaretto, as you suggested, would have been very nice too, if I'd had any. I may or may not have used lemon juice. I can't recall. I was picking and choosing from among three or so recipes.

            1. re: paulcooks

              Yes, fresh sour cherries are the most seasonal fruit in American markets. 20 minutes is about right (actually, about 2 weeks if you are lucky to find a market that has suppliers that can keep them supplied that long!).

              My favorite use is a sorbetto - no cooking. Keeps the flavor very bright and direct. It's worth pitting all those cherries (the Oxo cherry pitter is da bomb).

              1. re: Karl S

                "20 minutes in July" LOL!!! I almost choked on my snack of dried tart cherries!!!

        2. I am just reading this and have my cherries waiting to get started on a cherry cobbler. do you have any sugestions and what amout of cherries did you use for the pie?

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          1. re: jrjbutter

            I used one container of the "just Cheries" brand dried cherries. It was about 1 to 1 1/2 cups. This I reconstituted in an equal amout of sour cherry juice. It wasn't the same as fresh cherry pie, but folks liked it. I'd be interested in how dreid cherries work in a cobbler. Good luck!

            1. re: paulcooks

              Well I am finally getting back to this. The cobbler was good you need to have more liquid than for the pie. I guess I still prefer the cherries canned in juice and thicken them and add the sugar. We had that for Thanksgiving. Cherry is a favorite of my family.

          2. I thought of another idea for your dried cherry mixture -- as a base for a chocolate souffle. (Know this is kind of far afield from your pie question but still. . . .) You could put the cherry mixture at the bottom of a souffle dish or ramekins and then put the chocolate souffle mixture over that and bake. I think I saw a similar idea some time back. I may try this idea with some Italian tart cherries in syrup I just saw. Have been looking for an excuse to get them and I think this is it.