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Oct 3, 2007 11:32 AM

Chicken meatballs - please help me dress them

My family members are not tremendously picky, but they are each picky in a different way - can anyone relate? So the end result is that I'm at a loss with respect to how to serve some chicken meatballs I planned to cook tonight.

My basic recipe is ground white meat chicken, minced onion and garlic, s&p, egg. I have some bread crumbs I can throw in, some parsley, grated ginger possibly or parmesan (depending on which part of the world I'm heading into).

I need an idea for saucing them. One of my kids doesn't like tomato based sauces. He also has a nut allergy, so pesto is out. My dh is not a fan of dairy based sauces, so alfredo-esque and stroganoff are out.

I'm open to putting the meatballs in a soup or stew too. I think I did a honey/mustard/chicken broth reduction once that went over well. Sweet and sour might work. What is the gravy swedish meatballs are served in? Any other thoughts?

All ideas taking into account the above parameters (no tomato or cream based sauces, no nuts) are most welcome.

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  1. Sweet and sour might be good.

    I usually make my meatballs with a saffron sauce of onions, garlic, parsley, paprika, saffron and chicken broth. Poultry also works well with Königsberger Klopse which is seasoned with lemon, capers and anchovy.

    1. I'd opt for Mexican flavors i.e. add cumin to the meatballs and then make a tomatilo sauce.

      Or, get a recipe for traditional albondigas and serve as a chicken-stock based soup

      1. Swedish meatball gravy is kind of like a stroganoff with nutmeg. Doesn't sound like dh will like that. Could you just make a simple chicken gravy and then serve over noodles or pasta?

        1. What about a marsala sauce?

          1. What if you breaded the outside and baked them so they would be like round chicken nuggets? Then, serve with 2 or 3 dipping sauces: a honey mustard and a curry sauce, for example?