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Oct 3, 2007 11:31 AM

Paty's in Burbank--Good Broasted Chicken

I tried Paty's last night and was happy with what I ordered--the broasted chicken dinner for around $9.00. You get a full meal--choice of soup or salad, dinner roll, mashed potatoes (or rice, or baked potato), coleslaw, and 1/2 a chicken. I was surprised at how nicely cooked the chicken was--crispy on the outside, flavorful, and hot and juicy inside. The mashed potatoes were very good too as was the coleslaw. Oh, and the soup was also good--I chose the chicken noodle--lots of noodles, carrots, chunks of chicken and the broth was tasty without being overly salty (other choices were tomato and split pea).

As a kid, I used to go to a great broasted chicken place in Monterey Park (YEARS ago) and could never seem to find another restaurant that served such fare so well. By the way, on Mon/Wed and Thurs(?) Paty's gives you a $2 discount on this particular dinner.

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  1. Paty's is a best-kept-secret at night, the food's always pretty good, it's not crowded, and it's almost as cheap as lunch. I like the mushroom soup.
    I think they only have broasted chicken on some nights, however.

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      The broasted chicken is a regular menu item but the $6.98 price (vs. the $8.98 price) is only 3 days/week.
      You're right though, it wasn't crowded on this particular evening plus the place is very clean, comfortable, friendly/helpful staff...I'd definitely re-visit this place.

      1. re: Augusta

        The weekday chicken "special" doesn't include the soup or salad or bread, so it's not really much of a "special"!

    2. It is owned by the Lamplighter coffee shop on Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, and the food overlaps menu-wise fairly heavily, yet not totally.

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        DIdn't the Lamplighter close down? I thought I saw it boarded up.

      2. If you're ever in the SFV, Lulu's Restaurant on Roscoe & Balboa also has broasted chicken with a killer vegetable soup.

        1. i am huge fan of Paty's. Used to go there every morning for coffee and the light and fit breakfast. I also love going there for dinner. Order a beer, the meatloaf, salad- and its a really chill vibe. I love the elderly wait staff. They are so cute and sweet.

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            Light and fit breakfast but shovel in the meatloaf at night! You sound like me ! By the time night rolls around I need my fat & carb fix! And don't hold the beer!