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Oct 3, 2007 11:14 AM

Saturday Lunch in Mountain View (Santa Clara County)

I am traveling to Mountain View on Saturday for an all day music festival and am looking for a fun, interesting lunch spot for me and my roommate. My roommate is a vegetarian but I have no personal limitations to food and love discovering new and exciting eating experiences. Any suggestions?

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  1. Temptations, Spice Islands, Cascal & Cafe Baklava, & Amarin Thai. Castro street is home to dozens of ethnic restaurants & I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding something good. - haven't been in a few years but was good when I went - haven't been here, heard it was good

    Spice Islands, 210 Hope St ph. 650-961-0628 - as above - Spanish tapas, may not be authentic, but some good plates & fun atmosphere (yummy bread & dip) - I think I've been here, if it is the same tiny place I'm thinking of, it wasn't bad (great dip & bread)

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      I second the vote for Spice Islands and Cascal. There's also Xahn (modern Vietnamese) and Neto (best falafels and baklava I've ever had, plus nice pastries).

    2. Amber Cafe has innovative Indian chaat that's really tasty at cheap prices and is very vegetarian friendly. Don't miss the chicken wrap (I forget the name but it's not the kathi kabob).

      1. You can also try Chaat Paradise on the corner of El Camino and Grant.

        On Castro, I prefer Nami Nami for Japanese, Shiva for Indian, and the already mentioned Spiced Island. Nami Nami might not be open for lunch on Saturday. Check before you go.