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Oct 3, 2007 11:09 AM

japanese fried chicken in seattle?

now that takohachi has closed, i am looking for a good spot for tori no kara-age. any suggestions? ID favorites? will also gladly travel outside city limits for good fried chicken...

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  1. Fort St. George (in the ID, right next to Maekawa) has two good renditions of chicken karaage. They have a spicy chicken karaage (deep fried, then tossed in a tabasco based sauce) served with a mayo dip and also a standard chicken karaage. I prefer the spicy version, though some say it's too salty.

    1. i like the tori karaage at Shiro's. (get the crab cream croquette while you're there) but not always easy to find seats there.

      1. I second the Fort St. George recommendation, it's a great place, open late and has a bar. My other favorite place is the Purple Dot, just around the corner from Fort, but with the widest variety and oddest menu items ever - among a variety of thai, vietnamese and chinese dishes, they offer thick toast, borscht soup and ovaltine for drinks. Their fried chicken is great too.

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          Ft. St. George is now more tolerable now that they've banned indoor smoking. I remember it used to be so bad that you couldn't see the other side of the restaurant.

          Purple Dot's menu is your standard "Western" cafe menu that you would find in Hong Kong. Cafe Ori in Redmond has a similar, but more restrained, menu.

        2. I had some decent chicken kaarage at Maneki.

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            While Takohachi's chicken was better, I like Maneki's too. I think Tsukushinbo does a decent version. I haven't tried them, but consider also Kaeda Kissa and Ginza near Main St. in Bellevue, both of which seem to specialize in the izakaya/bar food items.

          2. the chicken's not bad at Maruta in Georgetown, I don't know how it compares to takohachi though. they also have some tasty chicken wings too.

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              do'nt bother with the karaage or wings at Kaname (formerly Takohachi)