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Mar 26, 2006 11:38 AM


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Has anyone been to Troya on Clement? My daughter and I read the menu yesterday and it sounded good - mostly Mediterranean. Thanks!

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  1. I went with some coworkers Thu. and it was absolutely awesome - the owners and staff are Turkish so the menu is slightly different from most Med. places, but we all passed around plates and everything I had was really excellent. I can't remember the name, but the meat in puff pastry is particularly good. There's also a dessert that's like a fried puck of cheese strands with syrup poured over it - you should not miss. I'm hardly a discriminating palate, but I appreciate good food and Troya was good.

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      Yay! I'm so glad to hear it's as good as it looks from the outside. I'm another who's been eyeing the place and wondering how the food is.

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        I just had dinner at Troya for the 2nd time last night. I'm not a Turkish food expert, but I thought the food was very good. We had great appetizers - the meze platter and the homemade yoghurt were both great! The entrees were also good, although I thought they weren't quite as strong as the appetizers. The service was consistently good. A very pleasant dinner all around.

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        1. I just had dinner there on Friday night. The food ranged from good (the dolmas) to excellent (the beyti). Seriously, if you go and you eat lamb you have to order the beyti for your main course. The desserts were a bit weak. The zuchini fritters were a strong appetizer. The service was good but the wine list was somewhat weak. For the price I would say this is deffinitely a restaurant to keep in mind and consider, but I would not say you HAVE to go there.

          1. I quite enjoyed my dinner there. Others have complained about service, atmosphere, authenticity, etc. First, I know squat about Turkish food; I only know that I liked my meal (manti and the housemade bread with haydari). Service was lovely and the atmosphere was candle-lit and romantic. Perhaps it was the Flamenco musicians they had that night that made it romantic; IIRC, every Tuesday night they have music.


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              Hmm, Sebby & I have had perhaps a half-dozen meals at Troya, and don't have anything bad to say about them. I'm not sure what service issues folks would have other than that they're not formal, and I find the atmosphere to be pleasant.

              We spent a week in Istanbul last year, and both think that Troya is a good example of what we ate, and overall of similar quality. The appetizers (mezes) in particular are strong across the board. We like the ezme (roasted red pepper spread) and mucver (zucchini fritters) very much.

              Too bad we have classes on Tuesdays - music sounds nice.

            2. Troya is on par with other Turkish restaurants in the city (A La Turka, Bursa Kebab...), mediocre at best. They all have the same flavorless dishes and sloppy presentation. I mean how bad can you mess lentil soup? They manage to make it so poorly that you really wonder if it is a complicated recipe or lack of proper ingredients. The key ingredient is red lentils that you can find everywhere. My mother-in-law who is visiting right now even told me that the lentils in the US are of better quality than in Turkey. These people have no excuse.
              Turkish food at its best is truly awesome. I have been blown away by very simple dishes in homes and restaurants in Turkey. But in the city, they really don't honor the heritage of the cuisine that set the standards for middle-eastern food.

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                I like A La Turka, but from cooking Turkish food at home I know what you mean.

                Ephesus Kebab Lounge in Walnut Creek is worth a try, they make some dishes I haven't seen elsewhere:


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                  Thanks for the info, will try if I happen to be in the area.

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                  It sounds like you might have the inside track on Turkish restaurants in the Bay Area coming from a Turkish background (either your own or your partner's). What do you consider the best Turkish restaurant in the Bay Area? Have you been to New Kapadokia in Redwood City? Cafe Artemis in Campbell?

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                    I am only talking about A La Turka, Troya and Bursa Kebab, which I have tried (some many times). I have been to New Kapadokia a long time ago and can't definitely voice an opinion.
                    It is possible to get very good Turkish cuisine in the US. I have in New York for example.
                    If I want something good that reminds me of Turkey in the city I go to Aziza.