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Oct 3, 2007 11:01 AM

Purchase NY - Need Suggestions

Going to Purchase College for show this Saturday night. Thoughts recomendations on the following: Thanks.

Cobble Creek Café
578 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY
(914) 761-0050

The Cobble Stone
620 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY
(914) 253-9678

George's Hilltop Restaurant
632 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY
(914) 253-9680 or (914) 253-9055

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  1. I'm going to a show at Purchase too and would love answers to this question! Though if all else fails, I will go to Port Chester for some Mexican at Los Gemelos...

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      Cobble Stone and Hilltop are good for pub fare. The Cobble Creek changed hands since I was last there, so I can't say.

      Arrow Wood has a really good Sunday brunch, but I'm not sure how their dinners are.

      There was a new restaurant highlighted in one of the Westchester magazines -- it's in the Stouffer's complex, on Red Oak Lane. It sounded really good and come to think of it, I haven't seen one word here about it!

      It was supposed to be a seafood place.

      1. re: dolores

        arrowood has a italian restaurant that is very good. You could go into port chester after or before. Rye has morgans for seafood very $$ but good, rubys and watermoon I would say pacific rim food!! Rye bar and grill may be closed but if its open its very good. Also in rye Cafe Livorno, And if you want to spend big bucks Le Paniettere!!!

        1. re: TessCooks

          re bar and grill is gone. they are doing a major reconstruction and its set to open in 2008. livorno is doing some construction with their upstairs. been going on for a few weeks. not sure if its open or not.

    2. Cobble Stone is a local standby for a decent hamburger and sweet potato fries. There is a busy bar too. We've tried Hilltop, but don't really care for it. I think I read that Cobble Creek was bought by Cobble Stone. It's suppose to be more upscale- but we've never tried it. They are all right down the street from Purchase College. Enjoy the show!

      1. Hilltop actually has excellent middle eastern fare (the new owner hails from the region). It is a very casual pub atmosphere.

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        1. re: jolev

          George sold? Middle Eastern, sounds interesting. Haven't been there in ages. Thanks.

          1. re: dolores

            Dolores you never cease to amaze and impress me with your knowledge of what seems just about every restaurant owner and maitre d in Westchester. How do you get to know everyone - and remember them too?

            1. re: laylag

              LOL, thanks laylag, but in this case it's right above!

              Actually, George's place was a favorite way back when -- despite George! The man never cracked a smile for anyone, ever. His servers, on the other hand, were always friendly and efficient.

        2. Are you going to the Philharmonic? We switched our tickets to Sunday, as we had a conflict. We like Hilltop for inexpensive comfort food and the turkish platter. We have been to the arrow wood restaurant with friends a few years ago and thought it was mediocre. Last time, we went to Cobble Creek, we thought it was quite good. We had stopped going there because it was so bad, but we will be back.