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Oct 3, 2007 10:19 AM

South Beach B-day Spot for Food Lover?

Hi All,
Heading from NYC to South Beach to celebrate my boyfriend's bday and our anniversary. Can you recommend some delicious spots for us to try? One can be super fancy (maybe $400 max) the other can be trendy or fun but both should be great food/atmosphere.
Thank you!!

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  1. There are no super fancy - ie Jacket and Tie requied, places in south beach. Casa Tua comes closest and if great food is a requirement, I do not recommend it - it is decent but way overpriced. However, it is the single nicest restaurant in sobe and you would probably have a great time there.

    Here are spots with great food - none of them should reach $200/person unless you are breaking out the dom.

    Talula - Not so trendy but nice and very good

    Table 8 - Trendy and very good

    Prime 112 - Trendy and very good

    Nemo - not trendy and not quite as good as the above places, but very nice

    Normally, I would mention nobu here as well but considering where you are from I will strike that option :).

    1. Barton g is tremendous fun and good in Miami. I'm from NYC and i've never seen a restaurant like it in the city.

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        Except for the fact that the food is not very good.

      2. Table 8 for food and atmosphere. Social for atmosphere but less for food (though not bad).

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          Social only works on saturday btw. On other days when it is more empty it is not fun. I like the food there though as well but would not consider it if the best food is very important.

        2. I would recommend Wish. It has a great atmosphere. Definitely make a reservation for outside. They do book up about a week or 2 in advance for the premium times. Service is amazing and so is the food. I have been there twice (both for Birthdays).

          They also have a nice bar on the roof, The Spire Bar, which is great to get some drinks before or after your dinner.

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            1. Devito's is the most overpriced restaurant on south beach.

              To the op, I believe Casa Tua is very overpriced but would take it in a second over Devito's.