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Oct 3, 2007 10:12 AM

Moules frites at Bier Market?

Are moules frites the way to go at Bier Market? Going tonight with people from work. What's the best choice as far as food goes?

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  1. Don't recall the official name, but the sausage plate for two rocks. That along with the frites make for a very tasty combination. The Staropramen beer is a great choice too.

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    1. re: Brain of J

      They do a nice Mioules Frites. I esepcially like the Saffron mussels with a Westmalle Ale (if it's available). Funny how a place called the Bier Market doesn't have a listing of the beers it serves on its website(?)

    2. This place is frustrating because it's so spotty. The host was organized and professional; we had a great waiter (efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and a Dean Kane look-alike), but the waiter for the table next to us was a smelly, gum-chewing Neandarthal.

      Same with the food. We had an absolutely delicious charcuterie platter, perhaps the best in the city, and some absolutely killer frites. But the mussels were not very good at all. Some were delicious, but others still had their beards, a few had not opened, and a couple were just funky. I'll definitely go back for the chacuterie platter, and I might try something else. About 90% of the food we saw looked great. I was blown away by the lack of consistence.

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      1. re: arugula

        Bier Markt is owned by the same company that owns East Side Mario's, Casey's, Fionn MacCool's, D'Arcy McGee's, Paddy Flaherty's and Pat and Mario's.

        Did you not notice that Bier Markt shares not only the bathrooms but the kitchen with Fionn MacCool's next door?

        I've been only once to Bier Markt and found it lacking in food, ambience and service but that could be my age. I get the impression younger people enjoy it as a beer market or perhaps more for the meet market.

        In any case I would never order mussels there. I would be worried about after-affects. I did enjoy tasty mussels at Beer Bistro up the road and would order mussels there again with no hesitation if I could get over the trauma of the loudness factor I experienced there. (oh my, now I really sound like an old fogey)

        1. re: JamieK

          Really? I have found that the mussels are often the only thing TO get there. I sure miss Cafe Brussels. They had the best selection of mussels in the city. Bier Markt is the only other place I know that has such a wide selection. I'd be interested if you had any recommendations, other than Beer Bistro: mybirthday is coming up and I'm trying to figure out where to go.

          1. re: bluedog

            Was just at Boulevard Cafe the other night and noticed that there were a couple of mussels dishes on the specials board. Saw a couple of people eating them and they certainly looked happy. :)

            1. re: bluedog

              Actually, I take that back. I've never had mussels at Bier Markt so can't comment. I just don't think I'll ever go there again so will not have the opportunity to not order the mussels, if that makes sense.

              I miss Cafe Brussels too especially at it's old location on Broadview, I liked the ambience there better than the Danforth spot.

              Last time I had mussels was at Le Paradis and they were good.

              1. re: JamieK

                was there last week, i had mussels (a la provencale), charcuterie platter and cheese & beer fondue after work. we actually did enjoy our night considering how much beer we drank, but i remember thinking that i could have better mussels elsewhere, likely at one of the moules frites restos we have downtown. i've never been to belgium but i've been to and lived in france several times. i have yet to find the best moules frite in toronto. i will give it a shot at beer bistro & le paradis, thanks JamieK.

                to sum up, bier markt's mussels were not disasterous by any means, it was ok, just not very special. i would order the charcuterie platter again (there was nothing to cook hence no screw ups there) and the fondue.

                1. re: exquisite

                  I love the proven├žale mussels at the Bier Market! I find them to be completely delicious, and, in fact, I dream about them.

                  The Bier Market
                  58 The Espl, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

            2. re: JamieK

              Bier Markt does not share it's bathroom OR kitchen with Fionn's. One kitchen (and bathroom for that matter) could not handle the sheer volume of both stores. Fionn's kitchen a third of the size of BM's.

              1. re: K. Tatemichi

                Well they're certainly physically connected. Last time (and I mean the last time) I ate at Fionn's, when I asked where the bathroom was, I was directed through a side passage and had to walk through Bier Markt to get to the bathrooms. Why wouldn't they just direct me to bathrooms in their own restaurant? (it wasn't busy)

          2. The mussels here were just terrible. They weren't fresh, and some of the open ones looked as if they been cracked open because they stunk. Did I mention that it also wasn't a very good value?

            The whole place was pricey and looked, overall, like it was trying to damn hard.