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Oct 3, 2007 09:57 AM

Recs for working dinners/lunches

I'm doing work right now that finds me in New Orleans about one week a month. So far I've loved the city, especially the food, but I'm looking for more recommendations for working dinners and lunches. While I adore the unbelievably rich food that New Orleans does so well, I'm on my feet a lot during the day, so eating something really heavy mid-day is not great. On our last trip I sampled the goods at Jack Dempseys, Grand Isle, Coop's Place, Cochon, Emeril's, Corporation, Pampeys, Rio del Mar, VooDoo Barbeque, Mandina's, Pho Tau Bay, Commander's Palace, among others. Any suggestions on other good places to try?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I was gonna suggest Pho Tau Bay as a potentially light lunch--spring rolls and goi ga (chicken/cabbage salad) won't weigh you down. Sushi is always a kinda-light lunch; Horinoya on Poydras is my favorite. How about a salad at Cafe Rani or from Gelato Pazzo?

    1. Juan's flying burrito may be good for what you are looking for. I was in there for lunch today and there seemed to be a lot of working people there today. Mona's and lebannon would also be great...they have great greek salads and other light dishes.

      1. People at work rave on and on about Luke, and supposedly you can get in, eat lunch, and get out in an hour. Singha is another great place for lunch, and there is plenty of lighter fare; you can definitely avoid that heavy/sleepy feeling in the afternoon! There is a nice place, rather new, called The Store (Gravier near Carondelet). Good food there, and they have good specials. The sandwich shops and delis downtown are also pretty good: Steve's, Welty's, etc. I have also had good lunches at Lucy's, and the food is pretty light, given you select the right things (grilled chicken anything, tacos, the list goes on).