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Oct 3, 2007 09:40 AM

Places to Go for Visitor

Hi all -
I moved to NY a few months ago and my best friend is coming to visit this weekend. Recommendations of places we must go if she wants a real tour of NY, not a tourist guide? We are in our early 20s and don't have much money, but we do want someplace good and worth going to...Thanks!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      We like all things and like most ethnic foods - I live on the UWS, but since she's visiting, we can go anywhere in the city...

      1. re: New yorker

        Dinners? Lunch? Give us some more specifics.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Mainly dinners - but if you have an amazing lunch place, I'm not opposed - also if it's generally a dinner place but its expensive and is worth a try, we'd love to try it for lunch if they offer it

    2. I live on the UWS, too. When budgeting, my friends and I are particular to Super Tacos truck, H&H bagels, Vynl, Flor de Mayo, Silk Road Palace (free wine!), Big Nick's, Tenzan, Barney Greengrass and Kefi locally. Telepan might be a great place to go for lunch if you're willing to spend $30 on lunch.

      Outside the neighborhood try New Green Bo or Moonhouse (Shanghainese), Grand Sichuan (Szechuan), Sea (trendy Thai in Williamsburg), Minar (authentic Indian), Tehuitzingo or Tulcingo del Valle (authentic Mexican), Highline (Thai, great scene, cheap lunch), Lederhosen (German pub), Alta (cool scene, affordable small plates), Jeeb (cool, LES, Thai small plates), Kuma Inn (Asian tapas, BYOB), Lupa (Batali Italian), Yakiniku West (Japanese DIY bbq, good specials), 1849 (great drink specials, perfect wings). That should give you a range of choices where you'd be hard pressed to spend too much more than $20pp for dinner.