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Oct 3, 2007 09:27 AM

New asian in Silver Spring

I spotted "Noodle King", a new restaurant on New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring (12705 New Hampshire) just north of white oak high school in a strip center. Definitely not your standard "chinese food" menu. Check out the delicate dishes for curried pigs skin and duck blood, duck feet with mushrooms and other such items you won't find frequently in that area. Lots of Asian people in there when I went. They specialize in Hong Kong style noodle soups which were really good. Let's keep them in business!

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  1. Thanks for the tip -- this place sounds like a keeper. Now, if only I had a car...

    1. Kay & I had lunch there Wednesday and it left us hoping but dissapopinted. The place is plain and clean. The service friendly. The noodle section on the menu was pan Asian which I am not always a fan of.... its hard to do all those dishes from diffferent cultures right. Kay ordered Pad Tahi, I had seafood E Noodle and we split a Vietnamese shrimp Salad.

      All the food had the same elements; very fresh ingredients, high quality, careful cooking and a surprisingly bland overall profile. Nothing tasteled like it had green onion, ginger and garlic in the sauces. The Vietnamese salad had a sweeet dressing but no tang or bite to blance. The Pad Thai had sweetness but no complexity. The Seafood Noodles had shrinmp and squid only and were as bland as could be. BUt a little tweaking and these dishes could have been quite good. As it was, they were really good compared to the other Chinese tqakeout joints along New Hampshire but not up to hat I look for in a Chinese restaurant. Yet!

      I will probably give them a try again in a month or two. I WANT a good noodle house nearby. Full Key and HECOTB in Wheaton are both in a bit of a funk lately and we won't go back to Paul's Noodles after bad service too many times. Next time we will definintely try one of the Hong Kong style noodle soups.

      1. I agree, "Noodle King" is a keeper. We were lucky, we ordered a few dishes and they were all good. My friends and I also tried the Pad Thai and we loved it.

        The Peking duck w/ soft buns, steam whole fish are my favoriate. We liked the Thai Ice Tea too. The chicken wings were also good.

        Staff are friendly! We will definitely come here often before it gets really crowded. My friend was a bit disappointed that they don't serve wine. But she was happy about the food.

        1. Leslie, Thanks for the info. I went to Noodle King and I loved it. I am impressed by their authentic Hong Kong style food. The place is clean, and their staff are really friendly. I'll definitely spread the word and you're right. Let's keep them in business.

          1. I randomly drove by this place last night on my way from thrift store to thrift store, and it was completely random for me to take the roundabout path. Anything advertising itself as a HK restaurant instead of the generic "mandarin and Sichuan cuisine" is certainly worth a second look, so I stopped by later to check it out. They now have a Chinese language menu, with among other things duck's blood (which is much easier to get in DC than in Boston where we only have icky pig's blood) and intestine.

            On the Chinese menu is salt and pepper soft tofu, which I ordered. It was indeed soft, battered before cooking, and had a generous amount (for S&P) of vegetables, mostly scallion with a bit of jalapeƱo. Like most S&P dishes, it could use a bit of huajiao, fortunately I have a grinder full of that in my car. I discovered fairly late in the game that there was a fair amount of oil in the bottom of the dish, which I'm sure would dismay many people, but which I was happy to sop up with the soft tofu. Which was, as I wanted it to be, SOFT, not that worthless normal tofu.

            I wasn't disappointed, though the preparation was not as polished as it might've been. I'd be happy to go back with a number of Chowhounds and a translation of the menus. If anyone wants to take a crack at translating them they can be found on FB. Their English menu is at the second link below and deangold's review at the third one. (Why someone would post a thread without including the name of the restaurant in the title is beyond me.)