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Oct 3, 2007 08:26 AM

Toronto Entertainment book-takeout?

Is it acceptable to use the Entertainment book coupons/card for takeout? Most of the deals say "valid anytime" and only some specify "dine in only".
I don't mind getting take out from the casual restaurants/pubs and haven't had a problem doing so, but what about the more upscale places?
Is it rude to ask for takeout, and would they allow it?

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  1. An interesting question burlgurl. IMHO I think most places would not be happy taking a coupon for takeout. However if the establishment has not specified any conditions it's their own fault. I say go for it and enjoy. In reality though with a 2 for 1 offer the establishment is losing money. I think they want you to eat in and order drinks/appetizers/desserts to cover costs.

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    1. re: andyman

      With the exception of the fast food coupons, I was always under the impression the rest must be dine-in.

      Haven't bought one this year though. The selection has not been so good in the past years and I find that we don't use it enough.

      1. re: caitlink

        The individual coupon may not say dine in only, but look at the terms of use (of the book) it may be included there

    2. It probably depends on the place but I think most of the upscale places may insist you dine in. The idea behind these coupons is to get people into places and hopefully they'll return. I suggest you give individual establishments a call to see what policy they have about takeout.