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do you know the ruth's chris stuffed chicken recipe?

anyone know this or something similar? what kind of chicken do they use? i know its not the foster farms variety i get at albertsons. any advice would be great.

thanks in advance...

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  1. I never thought to have chicken at ruth's chris, but I looked at the menu and it says it is "oven roasted free range chicken." Is it breaded? It sounds like it may be a version of chicken kiev without the breading, and adding the lemon thyme sauce. Reading the description made my mouth water!

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      they do another chicken dish there - I cannot remember exactly how they do it but it is stuffed with something and then grilled. It is excellent and I would love to be able to do it at home.

    2. it is not breaded. it is stuffed with cheese or something and then baked i think. it is the best chicken i have ever eaten. by far..

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        Now I am obsessed with this dish. Since I can't afford to eat there right now, could you describe the stuffing a bit more? Is it the consistency of a cream cheese, or more of a hard cheese? Is it thick, gooey, or stringy? What color is it? As I google it I see that there are a lot of people looking for this, and/or praising it.

      2. The menu description says:
        Oven roasted free-range double chicken breast stuffed with garlic herb cheese and served with lemon butter.

        I doubt that helps, but maybe you could call them and ask about which herbs they use because your SO has an "allergy," and you want to be safe when you come...?

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          "garlic herb cheese" smacks of Boursin or Alouette...does it not? Maybe that's the ingredient you seek!?

        2. My boyfriend gets this when we go. Try googling it? I know I found their sweet potato casserole recipe that way. He also loves that one, but I haven't tried to make it yet.

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            I have googled it, and it is one of the best kept secrets out there! I see a bunch of recipes that say "garlic herb cheese" but they are using a cream cheese type mixture, and I just wonder if that is the same as the ruth's recipe, or is it more like a "fromage forte"?

          2. I also was intrigued by this posting. This recipe is not to be found on the internet; I have tried several different ways of hunting for it! It sounds delicious from the description on the Ruth's Chris website. I would say to use the best organic chicken to start with. I had a recipe for a stuffed boneless chicken breast that uses Boursin cheese, which is added to some shallots sauteed in butter with some fresh rosemary. You mix this all together, and then I usually place it in the freezer to harden up before stuffing it under the chicken skin. The chicken is then baked; I usually throw some white wine or vermouth in the dish with the chicken to make a bit of a sauce. Easy and very tasty.

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              I ate at Ruth's recently and the waitress told me that the herb cheese is nothing more than a combination of cream cheese & a ranch dressing spice packet. If I remember correctly it was 1 cup of cream cheese & the spice mixture to taste stuffed inside be baking.

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                i asked the waitress last time i went and she told me most of it. cream cheese, herbs (not sure which ones), the ranch packet, cheddar cheese and some other stuff. my SO wrote it down..

                anyway, we tried to duplicate it last week but it was not a success. it is hard to find that small chicken they use (prob a 2.5 lb bird), get the skin crispy, etc. we roasted it on 475 convection but it still wasnt the same.

                i think we are going to try again, just get the right size bird and use a pastry tube for the cheese mixture.

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                I have never had, so someone who has, please let us know!

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                  that's a spatchcocked cornish game hen. just the right size for 2 people.
                  ours gets crispy with a simple everglades seasoning dry rub with a little olive oil rubbed into skin. then baste with pan drippings 1/2 way through. crispy and delish.

                  to get cheese under skin, let chick get to room temp from fridge, rub skin with oiled hands, start to work your fingertips up underneath (between skin and meat) from where skin is cut at edges (neck area). work it till it is looser, then you can stuff your cheese blend in (after maybe rubbing some seasonings directly on the meat.)

                2. Has anybody every found this recipe? I would love to know the stuffing recipe and the technique they use to get it in the chicken. It is one of the best dishes I have ever eaten at any restaurant anywhere.

                  There has to be a former employee somewhere who can reveal this gem.

                  1. I grab this tasty dish down at the Ruth Chris in Washington, DC. Very very tasty every time. Consistantly good. Im going to 1st attempt this this weekend. I do not have the recipe either.. Already have the small bird, going to play with the cheese, ranch theory...

                    1. I have never had this nor ever been to Ruth's chris to eat...but now I will.
                      Hope that someone has a recipe, this stuffed chicken sure sounds delicious!

                      1. Update: I attempted this dish the other weekend. Here are my results - please keep in mind i have a strong culinary handicap. I deboned my first chicken [ew], then stuffed the chicken with a mixture of philly cream cheese and ranch dressing added with a pinch of sugar.. Baked. It was actually quite good. Skin was crisp, chicken cut with a fork. The kids even liked it. I do not believe however the stuffing portion was exact to Ruth Chris standards... Their menu says their stuffing is a garlic herb cheese.. Next time I attempt this I will stuff with that instead of the cream cheese/ranch dressing mixture i used. Even though I dont feel (with prior knowledge of the orginal dish) that it was an exact copy, I did however end up in a very very good place, that tasted absolutely delicious. All high to shooting for high marks. ciao.

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                          Narurenzobu: When you say "stuffed" do you mean in the cavity or under the skin? Is it always deboned?

                          I am one of those who's never been to Ruth's Chris, although I think there's one in SF.

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                            The version from Ruth Chris is deboned.. Yes. You absolutely must go to Ruth Chri and just try this dish.. I think why there is so much interest in this dish. I wish I could cook better, and I love reading posts from those who actually know what they are doing.. So i dont want to come off like i really know what the secrets of this dish are.. When I order this dish from RC in Wash, DC.. it is one elongated piece of chicken stuffed without a single bone. They do however leave the tiny little drumsticks on this meager bird they serve. Best advice I can give is go to Ruth, and eat this. Thus another journey begins? :))

                        2. I've not eaten this but think the possibilities to create either a close second or something equally good are endelss. For an artichoke dip, I like to whirl cream cheese or marscapone in the blender, this along with another mayonnaise makes a very creamy dip. In this case would it be beneficial to whirl all your ingredients such as herbs, roasted garlic, marscapone or cream cheese, mixed with a little cream, wine or dijon or all three, in the cuisinart or blender for a creamy, well blended cheesy stuffing?
                          I'm becoming obsessed with this as well..... sigh.

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                            "whirl all your ingredients such as herbs, roasted garlic, marscapone or cream cheese, mixed with a little cream, wine or dijon or all three, in the cuisinart or blender for a creamy, well blended cheesy stuffing? " mmmmmmmm :)

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                              Well ok, now I do feel stupid. I was just reading about the technical issues after hunting down one of the contributors since haven't seen them post for awhile, and found them there... so now I know...

                              However, while reading the issues it was brought up that "My Chow" isn't coming up according to tne last comment made, but rather the date of the original post. So please forgive my late response narurenzobu.

                              Thank you, I aim to try that little mix of ingredients very soon!
                              and mmmmmm is right!

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                                My son orders it all the time. I tried it for the first time last night. OMG not to sound too west coast, but it was better than my last piece of filet there. The secret according to the waitress is the super hot ovens they use for cooking the steaks. The seasonings are simple, and there is A LOT of butter. The xcheese stuffing seems pretty simple, cream and or goat cheese with a variety of herbs.

                          2. The chicken they get is already de-boned double breasts. I am in Utah and our local market and butcher shop get these. When I worked at one of the ones in California we would take the breasts and marinate the breasts overnight in a premade garlic marinade. The stuffing was just thrown together in a mixer. The cream cheese, shredded sharp chedder scheese, HV Ranch packets and cajun seasoning. I think there was lemon juice too. Unfortunatly it was not one of the recipies I remembered when I left. The chic ken is also fired in the same broilers they use for the steak which fires at 1800 degrees. The cheese stuffing would set up alittle bit and then we would portion it with a scoop and refrigerate the portions. Then throw one in a apastry bag and stuff the breast, then throw another one in. It worked well for larege prep as everything was portioned equally. Ruths really prides itself on the fact that the chicken in California tasted the same as the chicken in Lousiana.

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                              That chicken is THE BEST chicken, I have ever had. I have been trying for some time now to find this recipe. Thanks Much !!!

                            2. I know it's been a while since your post but I was wondering if you ever found the recipe for the Ruth's Chris garlic herb stuffed chicken breast?

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                                it's upthread. did you read the thread's posts? someone who worked there gave ingredients....

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                                  Yes I have it! You need a fresh lemon, organic chicken, Boursin garlic and herb cream cheese, regular cream cheese,and shredded cheddar cheese. I seasoned the chicken in and out then placed it in a pan (for baking) in a little water with grapeseed oil in oven on 425 uncovered, as it cooked I repeatedly scooped the liquid onto the chicken do it could brown nicely golden and crisp. When the chicken is completely done! I mixed the cheeses together and stuffed the chicken with it and placed back in oven for about twenty minutes. Sprinkle the fresh lemon on top (just a little).

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                                    At work now, so can't listen to this, but I'm so excited to have the recipe! Thank you for posting!!!!

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                                      add "wur-chester-shire" sauce? LOL.

                                      here is the print version: http://www.abc4.com/content/about_4/g...

                                      there are several other ruth chris' recipes there at the link, too.

                                      the written recipe should mention that the restaurant uses an "airline" chicken breast (a boneless breast, except for the first segment of the wing (drummette)). http://jidorichicken.com/chicken-prep...

                                    2. Stuffed Chicken Breast by Ruth's Chris

                                      To Cook Chicken
                                      ½ oz. Canola Oil
                                      1 Chicken Breast
                                      ½ tsp. Shaken Salt
                                      ½ tsp. Shaken Black Pepper
                                      1 tsp. Fresh Thyme Chopped
                                      1 Tbsp. Lemon Butter
                                      Sprinkle Fresh Parsley Chopped

                                      Place 1/2 ounce of the oil into pie pan, spreading the oil evenly in the pan.
                                      Season the stuffed chicken with salt and pepper and place into the hot oiled pie tin skin
                                      side up.
                                      Place in the oven. Cook for 30 minutes 450 degrees, internal temperature must
                                      reach 165 degrees F.

                                      Chicken Stuffing
                                      1 Lb. Cream Cheese
                                      1 oz Ranch Dressing
                                      ¼ tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
                                      ¼ tsp. Tabasco Sauce
                                      1 Egg Yolk
                                      2 oz. Shredded Cheddar Cheese

                                      Mix all ingredients