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Oct 3, 2007 07:54 AM

Best places to watch the Phils?

Who has the best specials, tvs, crowd, or best combation... I would assume amost all bars will be on fire. But does anyone know of any good food and drink specials where tvs are bigger than 19 inches and the vloume being on is always a plus. Where will you be watching the game? Go Phils!

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  1. I'm sure you can catch the game almost anywhere today! But I would try Chickie's & Pete's, Fox & Hound, Tir Na Nog or O'Neals. Copa Too used to have a monster TV on their 2nd floor...I wonder if Jose Pistolas has done the same?

    1. Any of the McFaddens are pretty good - I imagine the one AT the ballpark is already crowded, but it's a good atmosphere. The one downtown will probably be pretty busy, too. If you have low tolerance for people who are there for the social scene over the sports scene, avoid it: They have sound on, but music at commercials and there are a lot of girls who go to dance during commercials and talk during the games.

      Tir Na Nog would probably get a good professional crowd and has great TVs. I love Buffalo Billiards in Old City, but it's crazy expensive. They had sound on during the Saturday game. The Holiday Inn near the stadiums has a nice sportsbar and a good atmosphere for Eagles games - drink specials and low key - I don't think much in the way of food, though.

      Was just at Barristers at 1823 Sansom - tight quarters, but good drink specials, GREAT food (lots of variety, too) and good TVs.