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Oct 3, 2007 07:28 AM

Any great Cheap Eats in Port Huron, MI?

I'll be there on business a couple of times a week for the next few months, and was wondering if there are any must-try places that serve up good food that is both fast and inexpensive. Carry-out only is no problem as I'll be on a fairly tight schedule a lot of the time.
Thanks in advance for your replies,

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  1. Port Huron tends to have a lot of chains and a bunch of hole-in-the-wall joints.

    I've had pretty good food at the Fogcutter ( (great location overlooking the water) but have always stuck with just whatever is local and fresh that day. (The whitefish was great last time I was there.)

    Locals are obsessed with the onion sliders at Powers Diner. It's greasy but pretty darn tasty when you're craving simple bar type food.

    Have a good trip!

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      Those Powers sliders are right up my alley, and I'll probably be stopping there tomorrow or next Tuesday. I'll also try to make time for Fogcutter on one of these trips if possible. Thanks for the leads.

    2. If you happen to have a car , and the time for a little side trip , there is a grocery store up the road in Croswell ( about 10 or 15 miles north on the shore ) , I believe it's an IGA that has the BEST hickory smoked beef jerky I have EVER had . Not the usual northern Michigan beef " jerky " that is no more than lightly dried beef stick that must be refrigerated after opening , but real dried beef , no refrigeration necessary ! Yes , it's kinda expensive , but its dried , a pound will fill up your glove box . ( And make your car smell like bacon all winter ) Ask around , I don't recall the exact name of the place , but it's worth finding out . I have made many a special trip from Detroit , it's that good . I would also suggest a trip across the Blue Water bridge to Canada , there are some fun places to go over in Sarnia .

      1. Try Quay Street Brewing Company, their hummus and Black Bean burgers are great dishes!

        1. Hey Jeff,
          Check out the links to "Palms Krystal" and the eating experience had there by an independent blogger..known for their fried chicken but soups and daily specials are good too. (Carry out has a seperate enterance and parking on the back of restaurant if you go. Third link is to Vantage pointe, a new ship watching center ( cafe is inside) . Check out the "freighter" (cute name for fritter) enjoy Port Huron !

          1. Ah PoHo, my hometown...

            For good cheap eats ya gotta hit Amigo's--great American/Mexican food. It's tucked into the side of a strip mall, right where I-94 dead-ends onto Pine Groove (there's a White Castle out front, and a Bulk Foods & Jet's Pizza in the strip). Amigo's is on the back, left-side of the building.

            And you cannot miss the Coney Island downtown across from McMorran Theater. Get a coney with the works, chili-cheese fries, and a chocolate shake. Pure heaven. (And for a real blast-from-the-past, step into the Brass Rail Bar, 2 storefronts down).

            I'm born & raised PH and these places are where all the locals go.