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Oct 3, 2007 07:18 AM

NYC Hound in Downtown Toronto, need rec

I'm downtown for one night, please suggest a great place!

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  1. More info, please... do you have a preferred price, budget, atmosophere, location ("downtown" can still seem a little vague), cuisine... even a short list (have you done any research)?

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    1. re: Rabbit

      I'm staying at the Delta Chelsea, something mid range lloking for a cool place not too trendy though. No italian or chinese, have plenty of that in NY

    2. Welcome djsun!...I would recommend Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar, the only catch is depending on the time and night you might be faced with at bit of a wait for a table or seat at the bar (I would sit at the bar if possible)...there are many others that specialize in more specific foods, what do you like?

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      1. re: Recyclor

        JKWB was my first thought too... small plate menu focuses on local and seasonal ingredients. Good wine list. Recyclor has alerted you to the potential problem with seating, but you may luck out if you're solo dining at the bar.

        If you want to take a chance on JK, but find yourself shut out, Colborne Lane is around the corner, and I think it would be a fine place solo for dining at the bar (Bon Appetit wrote up this resto in October). Others like Beer Bistro, also in that 'hood (I've never been), for a more casual vibe. (this web site is over-designed and a little annoying) or

        My other thought was Sopra, a very pretty jazz bar with good food. But it's a med/ital-y menu, so it might not be what you're hungry for.

        I agree that Baldwin Street is super-cute, a little more boho than my suggestions, but the strip has several good options (was written up in Toronto Life this month).

        Hope you find a good match... let us know where you end up!

      2. How about Malaysian? Marahari Grill is close by. Baldwin St. is a neat little neighbourhood, too.