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Oct 3, 2007 06:17 AM

Moderate priced ($$-$$$) dinner for 2 females near Penn Station

Does anyone have any suggestions for dinner for 2 20-something friends catching up near Penn Station? I'm taking the train up from D.C. and my friend is meeting me at the station. We'll head out from there but I don't know if there's any decent food down that way or if it's just all steakhouses and places for business dinners.

We can also take a cab anywhere close too if there are no suggestions near the train station.


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  1. Koreatown. 32nd Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue has a number of choices -- great food at good prices and alot of fun.

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      Thanks, any specific suggestions? I'm not very familiar with that area and since my friend just moved up there and tends to eat mostly American/Italian food, I'm sure she isn't familiar with Koreatown either.

    2. Tupelo Grill..One Penn Plaza

      1. If you just want to have a fun dinner, I would suggest Brother Jimmy's or Fat Annie's Truck Stop. Greasy, awesome food :)