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Oct 3, 2007 05:28 AM

Half price special at Georges Garage? Not necessarily.

We read about half price sushi rolls at George's Garage in Durhaam on Tuesdays. We'd never been but a good sushi bar is worth checking out, right? Called George's Garage and asked if it was good for lunch and were assured it was. So we hopped in the car and drove a half hour to give it a try. When we asked sushi man about half price, he said "not for lunch". I checked with main cashier at George's and she said it would be half off. So we ordered. And when the bill came, it was all full price. Sushi man said he owned the sushi bar and he made the rules. Credit card receipt said George's Garage.

If you're wondering how the sushi was, tuna tataki was great. Everything else was good. But I feel ripped off and certainly won't go back.

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  1. Dispute it with your cc company.

    If Georges ran the charge, they're the merchant, not the sushi guy. Sushi guy is just the supplier. So if Georges said half price, it's half price, regardless of what their supplier charges them. How they pay their supplier ain't your problem.

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    1. Sushi Thai has multiple locations in the Triangle. They offer $1 sushi and $1 tempura all the time. It's pretty good.

      I've recently come around to the notion that, with sushi particularly, you get what you pay for. Cheap sushi can bo OK for a quick fix. If you want a great dining experience, high-end sushi is really worthwhile. This realization occurred to me while eating a piece of toro or tuna belly. After that meal, cheap sushi became harder to eat. Now our carry out sushi fix comes from Waraji.

      1. Sushi Blues on Glenwood South has half price rolls (not nigiri, but rolls) on Tuesdays from 10-midnight and Thursdays from 11p-1a. They start taking names for tables 30 mins before the special starts, and be warned, there is a line out the door.

        This is a statement, not an endorsement. I definitely prefer Waraji, but Sushi Blues is next door to where I work so its convenient sometimes. And as far as the half price rolls...yeah, its a deal, but the place is wall to wall with cheap college kids. Not my idea of an enjoyable evening. For my money, Id rather spend the $$ and have a nice evening. Just wanted to point out another REAL half-price option.

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          Well if you're looking for half-price sushi in Durham, there's always Mt. Fuji on Thursdays after 9 PM. I've not been to Sushi Blues, but I can imagine the college-centric crowd is similar. I've never been a fan of Mt Fuji's sushi, or really the restaurant in general, but I confess that I do go quite frequently. More for the social aspect than the food, but it can be entertaining, especially a few drinks in. Seeing girls get all dressed up for half-price sushi makes me laugh inside.

        2. George's Garage comes through. They refunded us half the price of our meal. It was the right thing to do and I am impressed enough that I will give them another chance. I am glad I did not have to go to credit card company to straighten it out.

          1. Prime Only in the old Southend Brewery location on West Jones St off Glenwood South is advertising half price sushi rolls Mon-Fri nights from 9-midnight. Havent checked it out yet, hopefully this week! But theres another "half price" sushi option if anyone is interested.