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Romanian Restaurant in Queen's

Cornel's Garden, 46-04 Skillman Ave, Sunnyside, NY, (718) 786-7894

This place was recommended to me yesterday by a Romanian woman - she mentioned among other dishes a pig stomache dish - maybe a soup? Looking forward to trying it.

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  1. Can't wait to hear your report!

    1. It's now called Romanian Gardens. Two blocks away (48th St) is a second Romanian Restaurant which is newer and more modern. Romanian Gardens is far more authentic with an Old World Atmosphere. I've been to both and they're both quite good. When I visited Romanian Gardens the first time for lunch it was very busy with Romanian's. The staff is friendly and helpful. You'll like this restaurant. Very reasonable prices. The Romanian beer is excellent. I plan to return.

      1. I've heard that this used to be THE place for Romanian chow back when Cornel owned it. I ate in nearby Acasa and loved it .http://www.chowhound.com/topics/321090 Romanian Gardens is discussed at length and compared to Acasa in the thread I've linked to. I've never tried it.

        1. The pig stomach dish is a tripe soup and it's an acquired taste, but I think it costs about $4 so you might want to give it a try. If you decide to go for it, make sure you adjust the taste with the vinegar/sour cream/garlic paste provided. I like to throw in a slice of the hot pepper also, just for the kick.
          You'll find tripe soup at any of the Romanian restaurants.

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            Thanks for tip - my husband adores tripe - not my favorite thing!

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              It is not pig stomach - it is tripe - beef stomach.

            2. Acasa is where to go.

              1. My database has a "Harmony Romanian Restaurant" at 2925 Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside as well Anybody know this one?

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                  isn't there some sort of romanian restaurant right behind marabella pizza? this is 41st street and greenpoint avenue. any info?

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                    That would be the remaining Harmony (former Harmony II) owned by Cornel of the former Cornel's Garden. The Harmony on Queens Blvd. closed years ago

                    I agree that Acasa is the place to go. I had some amazing duck and cabbage there last week.

                2. Since this thread got bumped back up I'll take a moment and say I ate out here with a Romanian friend a few months back and enjoyed it for what it was, which is pretty typical Romanian food. We mostly got the standards, like polenta with cheese, and the ubiquitous Romanian take on ground meat kebabs. We had too much wine, which I think was a scandalous 13 dollars a bottle, though surely siphoned from a truck somewhere between Bucharest and Brasov. Had my first experience with whole fried veal brains here, an experience I'm not rushing to repeat.