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Oct 3, 2007 03:57 AM

cheap eats in vienna, austria

i'm studying abroad for one semester in vienna, originally from los angeles. i've had my fill of bakeries (pastries, sandwiches, etc), wurstel stands, and kebap shops. are there any other cheap eats (and some reasonable eats) here in vienna? or are there particular bakeries, wurstel stand and kebap shops that i should be visiting?

i am also looking for good asian eats, especially japanese or thai. the other day i went to a japanese place and it was utterly disgusting. i think it was called asahi or something in josefstadt.

thanks in advance for the recommendations!

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  1. My favourite falafel shop is Sababa on Rotenturmstrasse in the city. You can get a pita with falafel, or a wrapper, or a plate with salads and mixed pickles...

    One of the best and least expensive Pizzerias is Guliano 2 in 9., Tendlergasse.

    A great place for students also is Sly and Arny in 9., Lackierergasse.

    Japanese food: try any one of the Hanil chain, all over town, for excellent sushi and tempura:

    Thai: out of fashion, now hard to find, better go for Vietnamese: either Saigon (Getreidemarkt), Pho Saigon (on Naschmarkt) or Good Morning Vietnam(15.,Märzstrasse).

    Iranian: Hatam Grill in 9., Währingerstrasse 64, across from WUK, for great kebaps and wrappers. And the Basmati rice ...

    Hope that helps !!

    1. Sturmi, how on earth does Sly and Arny do such prices? Are they one of those places that make all their €€€€€ on drinks? And the drinks aren't sehr teuer either...

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      1. re: lagatta

        Good question. Maye they just had not to invest anything in the setup and use cheap student labor ?

        In fact, I have never been there, but Sly and Arny is the favourite hangout of my daughter and their friends. Definitely recommended !!

        1. re: Sturmi

          I'm no doubt more your age than theirs, but I guess if I don't mind being the oldest person in the room... My friend who moved back to Vienna after 30 years in Toronto is a retired architect, so a good ten years older than me; I'll drag him there when I get there to study. I'll definitely have a student budget...

          1. re: lagatta

            i am also studying architecture! hope to find some good eats while i'm here and i'll let you know what i find on a student budget. =)