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Oct 3, 2007 02:41 AM


last time i was in NY i went to "rice to riches" a cool rice pudding bar, are there any new stuff like that i should try this time?

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  1. pinkberry has become huge, although its a chain so you may have been already. Otherwise, ronnyfields milk bar has milkshakes and theres max brenner which is a chocolate bar.

    1. There is a place called Sundeas and Cones - 95 E 10th St.

      Flavors like chrysanthemum, corn, WASABI!

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      1. re: doona

        I love this place! Best part about Sundaes & Cones is that they are totally cool with you having as many "samples" as you want--do yourself a favor and sample the black sesame. Sooo good...

        I like to eats.

      2. My wife and I often seek out the NYC places that specialize in a particular food item. Here are a few we have hit:

        - The Peanut Butter restaurant (Greenwich Village) - good for lunch
        - Smacks - specializes in mac and cheese
        - Pommes Frites - great fries

        You can also try for brunch on the upper west side Popovers - everything served in a popover.

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        1. re: drbelfer

          Sundaes and Cones on e 10th is good though a bit pricey. Pommes Frites on lower 2nd ave has been around for awhile too. S'Mac is pretty good for assorted mac and cheese.

          1. re: ricky7

            If you go to S'Mac, skip the classic and go for the four-cheese. The classic was a little bland.

            1. re: drbelfer

              Not everything is served IN a popover at Popover Cafe, they just serve popovers in lieu of bread.

              1. re: kathryn

                And in many cases the dish itself is served in a popover, e.g. eggs benedict
                and yes they also offer a side of basic popovers with amazing fruit butter.

                1. re: kathryn

                  I disagree on Popover. Dingy-looking and some of the worst brunch food I've ever had. I didn't care much for the popover either.

              2. Cream puffs from Beard Papa's? I know I know, chain, no longer novel...but If you're traveling from outside the US, I think it's worth a taste!

                I like to eats.

                1. Is fun if you're coming from far away. also around the corner is BlackHound around the corner has very cute little things to pick up and munch on but no seating. Their savory snacks (cheese crackers, etc.) are pretty good.

                  and ditto on Sundaes and Cones. Black sesame=yum.

                  Rice to Riches is still a fave of mine though! and Beard Papa's...always a classic.