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Oct 3, 2007 01:41 AM

Any good Mexican restaurants between Bellingham and Everett?

Hello, we will be heading down to this area next weekend from BC. For some reason, there are no decent authentic Mexican Restaurants in most of Canada, so we usually look for one whenever we visit your lovely state.

We will be shopping in Bellingham on Saturday, then heading to the Tulalip Casion Saturday Night, then onto Qwest Field Sunday for the 'Hawks and Saints.

Are there any good Mexican Restaurants in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Burlington or Marysville. We are willing to go wander off the I-5 if necessary. Would prefer not to have to go into Everett unless there is something truly special there.

Many thanks,

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  1. My sisters who live in MV recommend two places: La Casita and Las Coronas. MV has a large Mexican population so you should be getting authentic food. Both of them are not far from I5

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      I live in Mount Vernon and can vouch for our Mexican restaurants here. La Casita is probably the best sit-down place, it's on the hill near the Catholic church, at 10th and Division. El Gitano is quite good, there are several locations in the area. We also have tacqueria wagons all over town. Stay far, far away from Mexico Cafe, it is one of the worst places I've ever eaten in, Mexican or otherwise.

    2. In Marysville, I like El Rinconcito on 202 State Ave.
      It's a small whole-in-the-wall family run restaurant. No real ambiance or bar, but I find the food flavorful.

      Another place I like is Tacos Guaymas on 1400 State Ave. The food is good - variety of meats for their tacos and burritos, but my main problem with them is the prices are kind of high for a place that serves food on paper plates. This is another place with no atmosphere. I guess used to places like this in California where the prices are a few dollars lower. For example, a carne asada burrito ranges from $6 to $8 which to me is kind of pricey for a Mission-Style burrito. However, I do go there when I have a craving for carnitas or al pastor burritos.

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        I join the objection to Guaymas' prices, which are quite high considering it is basically taco truck fare served inside. I went to the Edmonds branch of this local chain not too long ago and the tacos were like 4 bucks each. Granted, they are bigger than the average lonchera's offerings (and the quality of the meats not so dubious as some mobile competitors') but the price seems a bit over the top. Granted, their salsa bar blows away the average truck's sauces.

        1. re: dave_c

          There's also a Guaymas in Burlington, just to the east of I5 where WA20 takes a bend to the north.

          For some reason I don't like that one quite as well as the older one at 99 and 196 in Lynnwood.


          1. re: paulj

            I've only eaten at the Burlington Guaymas once, and it failed to knock my socks off - people had been telling me how good Guaymas was, so maybe it's just that particular one. But I'd much rather go to a taco wagon and get takeout.

            1. re: Freida

              Thank you to all the suggestions...

              Carnitas....mmm! Ate many of those in the Yucatan, but they are virtually NON-EXISTENT in Canada. So far I have only found 1 place that sells them (authentic carnitas) in Western Canada. We are talking about an area larger than WA, OR, ID, CA and NV combined. Population of that area is 8 million+ ... yet only ONE PLACE TO GET CARNITAS. Thankfully they are pretty good.

              That being said, of the places mentioned above, who has the best carnitas/ al pastor / barbacoa.?

              1. re: newJJD

                Strangely enough, there's a great carnitas burrito (not at all traditional, I daresay, but tasty) at Casa Que Pasa, a cheap hangout and tequila joint in Bellingham. The meat isn't consistent, but more often than not it's juicy and crispy in all the right ways. Our local taco wagon makes good carnitas, but a little dry - I'd love to hear other recs.

        2. Frida's, just east of Mill Creek on 132nd and 35th SE (take the 128th street exit from I-5) is pretty good. Very different from the standard cheese melted on everything approach, and I am told they have one of the widest tequila selections in the state.

          1. We ate at Mi Rancho in Everett (on Evergreen Way next to a Weinerschnitzel on the right side of the street if you're headed North) today and were pretty impressed. Ceviche tostada was great, as was a carnitas taco. Asada taco was fine, but not as good as the carnitas. Chicken fajitas were really good, too, although the tortillas weren't made there. All of that and two beers and we were out the door for less than $20, too. We were the only non-Spanish speaking people there the whole time we were in there, and everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying their food.

            1. There is, or was the last time I was up there, a pretty good taco truck just north of the outlet mall in Burlington called Taco Omar. It is east of I-5, in the antique mall parking lot.