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Oct 3, 2007 12:05 AM

Loose Organic Tea in Santa Clara co. / Sunnyvale area?

Anybody know where I can find loose organic tea (available in bulk?) in Santa Clara county, preferrably the Sunnyvale area?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. There's Tea Time in downtown Palo Alto. I haven't been there for 1-2 years, but in the past they were quite knowledgeable tea merchants.

    One of the big reasons I rarely go there these days is because of Upton Tea Imports, which sells bulk loose leaf tea online --with several organic choices as well.

    However, I'm still interested to hear about other bay area tea merchants, especially any who are in the south bay.

    1. It might be helpful to know what kind of tea you are interested in. I know places that have organic China greens, and don't even deal in Darjeelings, for example.

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      1. re: Xiao Yang

        I'm looking for a type called "Green Tea with Toasted Rice"

        1. re: vprasad

          Is there a TenRen down there? They claim to have an organic Genmaicha.

          1. re: Xiao Yang

            I saw a TenRen in Cupertino at Homestead & Wolfe (where Ranch 99 is).

            Sairuh mentioned Upton Tea; that's one of my favorite places to order tea online.

      2. I remembered another tea merchant, Mountain View Tea Village in downtown Mountain View.

        I've been there once or twice, and the lady who helped me (perhaps one of the owners?) was friendly and well-versed in teas. I had gotten some fantastic pu-erh and pearl orchid. Most of the teas were from China and Taiwan, iirc; not sure how many organics they carry.