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Oct 2, 2007 11:21 PM

Just made a Hot Chocolate Pudding Cake

and while the consistency is great, firm top-mushy bottom and inside, it has a salty aftertaste. I would like to know how to find out if I can eliminate the salt next time. How do I post a recipe to get all your wonderful opinions? The recipe calls for Baking Powder and salt. How should I proceed with Chowhound? Is there a website that would chemically examine my ingredients to fine tune it? I'm a newbie. (Can't you tell?)

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  1. Hi Newbie: Rules for posting and CH etiquette are at Site Talk:

    1. Even though the recipe isn't posted yet, I would definitely give a big emphatic no to eliminating the salt altogether. Its primary purpose in baked goods is to enhance the other flavours of the cake, so without it the final product would probably taste quite flat.

      Your best bet is to reduce the amount of salt - a pinch will give you the same effect, but without the noticeable salty taste. Even with such a small amount, you'll definitely notice the difference compared to no salt at all.

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        I second what tartiflette says. Cut back, but don't eliminate the salt.

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          I agree--and in addition, would add make sure your butter (if it's used) is unsalted.

        2. If it's got the right amount of leavening, don't change the amount of baking powder. Just reduce the amount of salt to your taste. As another poster already mentioned, use unsalted butter, or, if you must use salted butter, compensate for the salt in the butter by reducing the amount of salt in your recipe.

          1. maybe it's the chocolate - are you using cocoa powder or plain chocolate bars? Use a better quality chocolate or cocoa powder.

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              Wow. I will take heed.
              My post was moved and since I'm a newbie after all - I didn't know it until now. Thanks for all of your advice. Next time I make it, I'll use a pinch. And the butter is unsalted BTW.