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Oct 2, 2007 11:16 PM

Draeger's opening date for Blackhawk Plaza

The website says October 12, but this could be out of date. Anyone know when it's opening for sure, or if it's already open? And are they done with the renovation of the shopping center around it?

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  1. I'm on their mailing list, and the information I've received says October 12. They have quite a few events planned for that weekend, so I think it's still correct.

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    1. re: Gretel

      I am working in the Plaza and they are opening at 9am on the 12th. Can't wait.

      1. re: iameva

        I was in Dublin earlier today and stopped by to check it out. The store is really quite extravagant and nice, miles ahead of the other Draeger's locations on the Peninsula. It's also huge, and has a big section for kitchen gear.

        The only problem is the out-of-the-way location, 4 miles from the freeway. I was also curious to see if Blackhawk Plaza has started filling all those empty storefronts (it hasn't yet, but signs claim new tenants are in the works)

        1. re: Agent 510

          We went on Friday. I didn't think that it was as nice as San Mateo, but I haven't been there for several years.

          > I was also curious to see if Blackhawk Plaza has started filling
          > all those empty storefronts (it hasn't

          That would be RE-filling. Some storefronts have had numerous businesses come and go over the years. The Draeger's store is a good example: FJ's (high end grocer; we liked it a lot), Sak's, and Gottschalk's preceded it in that location.

          There just doesn't seem to be a critical mass of customers in the surrounding area. There's a lot of construction going on nearby, so hopefully Draeger's will survive. The down side is that the nearby Safeway will use Draeger's as an excuse to raise prices even higher.

          I purchased Vilux red and white wine vinegars when we were there. I've been looking for them for a while. Since Andronico's in Danville closed, I haven't found it in the area.

    2. Went out there last Friday. Out of a lot of the items on sale, no samples or demos. Don't understand the metrics of this place- Andronicos was as complete with less pretension. Certainly a ton of competition, what with good farmers' markets in the surrounding towns, Lunardi's, and, now, 99 Ranch and Asiana grocery stores within a few miles. What am I missing and how are they planning on staying in business?

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        I was not very impressed by what I saw. I think I was most annoyed by the fact that they hadn't bothered to put prices up for many of the items I looked at. How am I supposed to decide if I want to shop there when I have no clue how much things cost? The person in front of me ended up getting a really good deal on a pound of chanterelles because the cashier just assigned a random price to them.

        I will use Draegers for the same purpose I used Andronicos, which is for hard-to-find ingredients. The two or three times a year that I will frequent the place certainly isn't going to help much with their bottom line.

        I am a huge fan of Lunardis - really nice produce, great meat counter, and a surprisingly good selection of higher end pantry staples. Draeger's meat department was significantly more expensive than Lunardis, and the product didn't look any better.