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Oct 2, 2007 10:21 PM

Pork Hocks and Pickled pigs feet

I've always been a huge pork fan, but someone told me to try something different ( I don't know him well, and not to sure if I should listen to him). Its pork hocks, and or pickled pigs feet. I am kind of okay with trying them, but I am not even sure how you eat them. If you buy pickled pigs feet, do you have to fry them and or cook them, or can you eat them straight out of the jar (like pickles). Does the same thing go for Pork Hocks?

Anyone that can give me any information (Keep in mind, I live in NYC, I have no idea how this tastes, or how to even eat it, or what I would do, if I ordered online), I would really appreciate. I do have an interest in trying "pickled pigs feet" and "pork hocks", but I don't know how to order it, and if I do order it, what to do with it, and do I cook it, or just eat it out of the jar? Any answer or help is really appreciated.

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  1. If you can find smoked ham hocks, they make the best red beans and rice you'll ever eat. Boil them like a ham bone for flavor, and once the beans are cooked, pull out the hock, carve off the cartilage and meat, and mince it up and ad back to the red beans along with the bone again. I also add ham and andouille sausage.

    The one time I ate pickled pigs feet it was straight outta the jar.

    1. you could buy pigs feet and cook them korean style. I love to do that from time to time and they make a really good beer snack...and hopefully you won't get freaked out when you nosh on tiny pig toes.

      Take some pigs feet, boil them for an hour or so in some water with peppercorns, ginger, and garlic. After feet are done cooking, place in a container in the fridge. You must eat them cold or maybe at room temp...never hot. You want the collagen and all the other good bits to gel up and firm up. Dip the pigs feet in korean salted shrimp or salt mixed with korean chile flakes and sesame seeds.

      never had pickled pigs feet though, if you try them let me know how they taste (:

      1. My grandmother used to cook hocks in saurkraut Mmm I can taste them now, might have to try it myself.

        1. I have bought pigs feet for my husband and cooked them using a Dominican recipe - I would advise opening all your windows before commencing! I've never tried pickled or smoked ones.

          1. Pickled pigs feets, like pickled lambs tongue are meant to be eaten straight out of jar-best to have with cold beer. You always see these on bars esp. out West. They make a delicious snack but most might be adversed to the looks of a foot or tongue in jars-kinda reminiscent of anatomy classes. Ham hocks generally go best in soups or stews where the essence of a deep smokey taste is desired, such as in rice dishes, cabbage stews, spanish dishes-u get the point. Its too hard in texture to eat staight off the bone. Now to my favorite way of having pigs feet-YUMMY: we call it pickled pigs feet as well buy a total different way of preparing-you will find this on many menus in Hawaii-sorta of a combination of different ethnic origins-try the recipe-u will love!!!
            scroll down to pig's feet recipe another great dish: