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Oct 2, 2007 09:27 PM

My San Francisco Favorites.

I lived in San Francisco many years ago. I'm excited to be coming back for a visit with a friend. I would like to check-out some of my old favorites, but was wondering if they just as good as I remember

R&G Lounge
City View
Marnie Thai
Japanese restaurant on Taravel and I think 28th.

If anyone can help me with the name I will greatly appreciate it!!

I've already been given a recommendation to Burmese Super Star. We will be hitting these places for lunch. A recommendation for a Indian food will be great. I'd prefer to order off the menu (I especially like curry) and not a buffet.

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  1. For Indian food in a nicer atmosphere

    Roti Bistro

    Unless you are looking for more of a dive then there are a number of places in the Tenderloin area.

    Don't know of any Japanese place on Taraval and 28th

    1. I would also recommend an Indian restaurant called Mehfil. It is located at 2nd and Folsom in the SOMA district. They have both lunch specials as well as an extensive dinner menu. They do a huge lunch business given the location, so service is likely to be better in the evening when they are less crowded. They have yummy, rich curries and my personal favorite, Chicken Tikka Masala. Prices are reasonable, so enjoy!

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        I thought the food at Mehfil was pretty average. Nicer space than most. Good option for the neighborhood, wouldn't go out of my way to eat there.

        Discussion of best Indian in SF from earlier this year (note that most of our Indian restaurants are actually Pakistani):

      2. I believe you're thinking of Taraval Okazu-ya. Good fish that comes to the table still sizzling on iron plates.

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          Yes!! That's it. That was driving me crazy. Thanks