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Oct 2, 2007 08:23 PM

Smoked Spanish Paprika

I bought some of this over the weekend. I'd never used it or had it before.

I opened it the smell alone is just intoxicating! Sprinkled some on some potatoes and's wonderful stuff! that I have it in the house and we've determined we both really like it...what are your favorite uses?

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  1. I use it in aioli, and also paella

    1. It is one of my favorite spices for roasting chicken. I have a favorite cool weather dish: smoked paprika dusted chicken thighs roasted for about 20 minutes, sautee'd kale, sliced hot linguica heated through, then a can of cannelini beans added to the sausage, a dash of the paprika. I plate the kale, top with the beans and sausage and then put the chicken thigh on top of that. Mmmmm.....

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        Thanks, that'll be dinner within the next week!

      2. It's also nice in deviled eggs.

        1. Beans--use the flavor to substitute for pork products.

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            Actually, I use black cardamom (not green!) to get a smokey flavor in beans. Three pods of crushed seeds per lb. of beans. Penzeys and Indian grocers.

          2. I use it on chicken, ribs, brisket ... anywhere I want to add a little smoky touch to something. I used it on a savory noodle kugel for the High Holidays. I even use it on popcorn.

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