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Smoked Spanish Paprika

I bought some of this over the weekend. I'd never used it or had it before.

I opened it tonight...wow the smell alone is just intoxicating! Sprinkled some on some potatoes and roasted...it's wonderful stuff!

So...now that I have it in the house and we've determined we both really like it...what are your favorite uses?

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  1. I use it in aioli, and also paella

    1. It is one of my favorite spices for roasting chicken. I have a favorite cool weather dish: smoked paprika dusted chicken thighs roasted for about 20 minutes, sautee'd kale, sliced hot linguica heated through, then a can of cannelini beans added to the sausage, a dash of the paprika. I plate the kale, top with the beans and sausage and then put the chicken thigh on top of that. Mmmmm.....

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        Thanks, that'll be dinner within the next week!

      2. It's also nice in deviled eggs.

        1. Beans--use the flavor to substitute for pork products.

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            Actually, I use black cardamom (not green!) to get a smokey flavor in beans. Three pods of crushed seeds per lb. of beans. Penzeys and Indian grocers.

          2. I use it on chicken, ribs, brisket ... anywhere I want to add a little smoky touch to something. I used it on a savory noodle kugel for the High Holidays. I even use it on popcorn.

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            1. In gambas al ajillo- shrimp with garlic.

              1. Saute onions and garlic, add the paprika and some white wine and then steam mussels. Serve with crusty bread.

                1. I have not found a soup that it does not taste good atop.

                  BTW - Proceed w.caution.. my husband hates it on deviled eggs.

                  I recently happened upon a recipe where you put it on braised corn & red cabbage - I may try & sneak that in on him & see if he notices.

                  1. I have been looking for that. Where did you get it? I have heard so many good things about it. Can't wait to try it.

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                      I have found it in bulk @ my local co-op, but originally bought it at Penzey's in MSP.

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                        Thanks. I had a feeling I would have to go to a specialty store.

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                          Thanks for the link to Penzey's. I've been meaning to order from them and now I have Spanish Smoked Paprika, Garam Masala, Tellecherry Peppercorns, Hot Chili Powder and Herbes de Provence on their way to me. YaY!!! Can't wait for my gift to myself to arrive. I've never used Garam Masala... I'll be back for suggestions.

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                          try www.latienda.com loads of Spanish products, great dried chorizo made with the smoked paprika and they do have quite a variety of smoked paprikas.

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                            I haven't actually verified this, but I remember reading on a blog that McCormick is now pushing it and so "you should be able to find it easily in your local supermarket". Here's the blog post:

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                              That's good to know! I'll keep an eye out for it.

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                                Yes, McCormick has the smoked paprika in its gourmet collection. I find it in the supermarket. So far I only used it in some Hummus, and it was a nice addition.

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                                It can also be found at Cost Plus World Market.

                              3. Really good stuff and lots of uses. Just about any meat, lamb, chicken, pork.
                                Also in mashed potatoes.

                                my fave - chicken paprikash!

                                1. I like it in a mushroom soup with onions and a little cream. The soup has a fair amount of paprika in it. The smoked stuff can be strong, so I use half smoked and half sweet Hungarian paprika (unsmoked). Yum.

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                                      Yes, a little cumin and smoked paprika in hummus is delicious. It's also nice added to carrot soup, I make a soup with sauteed onions and garlic, then add the paprika and some ground cumin with the carrots, stir a bit and add chix stock and puree at the end. It's also really nice with lentils for some bite (which gives me a three-fer in post-tie-ins, I think).

                                    2. Romesco sauce -- very versatile mashup of tomato, garlic, chilis, spices and nuts,
                                      recipe in Zuni and/or Sunday Suppers at Lucques and many other places. You toss things in it, like potatoes or shrimp. And it only works with really good paprika, as I learned the first time I tried it...

                                      Smoked paprika is also great in pumpkin/winter squash soups, or stewed cabbage or any place you want to put bacon but don't want to use meat.

                                      They have a really great smoked paprika (hot and not hot) in red tins from Spain at Sahadi's in Brooklyn.

                                      1. I went through a time where I experimented with it in almost anything savory for which I wanted a smokey flavor. Chowders, tempeh, etc.- lots of good ideas already!

                                        1. Lots of great suggestions here. Thanks!

                                          Husband mentioned earlier this week he'd like a roast chicken sometime this week so I think I'll try using some on one tomorrow night.

                                          1. it's great in homefries, too... with eggs in the morning... what could be bad?

                                            1. Used it with some garlic on a roasted chicken tonight. Was quite delicious! I could see how this stuff could get addictive!

                                              I bought the can I have at Sur La Table. I'm glad to see the Penzey's is good...I'm sure it's much cheaper so will have to try theirs next.

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                                                There is also a line of spices called Spicely that I use. They are sold in little (1 oz )bags so you don't get a different jar every time you buy more cardamom or whatever. I really like their smoked paprika.

                                              2. I've been using a fair amount of this stuff lately. Bittman's recent recipe for tomato paella actually calls for 2 tsp. of smoked paprika. I was convinced that would be overkill but it actually worked well w/ the acidity of the tomatoes.

                                                Here's a link to my report w/ a link to his recipe:

                                                I'm a fan of it sprinkled on deviled eggs and creamed oysters. It's also great in lamb or beef meatballs.

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                                                  I'll jump on the roast chicken (and roast potato) bandwagon. I also love it on eggs, pork chops, roasted vegies.
                                                  Try it in salad dressing -- I made one with sherry vinegar, olive oil, garlic and a little honey.

                                                2. I'm addicted to this stuff and go through it by the (Penzeys') bagful.

                                                  I use it in gumbo.

                                                  I also make a mixture of smoked paprika, thyme, cumin, S&P, drizzle that and olive oil on lightly steamed cauliflower. Roast. Yum.

                                                  1. For deviled eggs I make huevos diablos. :) I use a grainy mustard, plain ole hellman's mayo, and add chipotle powder to the yolk mixture. :) Then I top it with smoked paprika.

                                                    1. Susan Hermann Loomis does an oven-braised herbed chicken which is topped only with sliced onions and 2 T of paprika. Cover tightly and bake for 3-4 hours It's from her Farmhouse Cookbook