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Oct 2, 2007 08:02 PM

Looking for restaurant!!

I was in New Orleans last November and a friend of mine took me to a restaurant that served boiled potatoes instead of the traditional bread and butter of many seafood restaurants, and was also known for its bbq shrimp. The seafood platters were HUGE and the onion rings were to die for!!! If my memory serves me right, the restaurant was not in New Orleans. I believe it was in Metairie or Kennar. And for some reason I want to say that it was either off the same road as Esplanade or it was near Veterans Memorial. I just can't seem to remember. If you know the restaurant I'm speaking of please inform me! I'll be in Baton Rouge this weekend for the big game and would love to go there to eat Saturday night!

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  1. i would say it was Deanies. they serve boiled potatoes instead of bread and they are located off of Veterans in Bucktown. they do have some huge seafood platters and great bbq shirmp.