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Oct 2, 2007 07:47 PM

Help: Returning SF guy iso divey Misson Food

I need recommendations for divey places to eat at in the Mission.

When I lived in the Mission about 6 years ago my regular rotation was: Pakwan, Burger Joint, Taqueria Cancun, Jay's Cheesesteak and the bagel place on 16th between Guerrero and Valencia.

I'm returning to SF and will be in the Mission this weekend. Are there new divey places that I should go to? I've heard of a Frite place? Where are good burritos these days? Is Pakwan any good still?


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  1. la torta gorda- 2833 24th street
    and near by
    roosevelt tamale parlor- doing some new dishes
    2817 24th St. at York

    I am not a fan of the burrito around here but here is a link to the burrito eater-

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    1. re: Lori SF

      i had a torta milanesa (beef) from la torta gorda yesterday, and i would second this recommendation. avocado, refried beans, lettuce, red onions, and pickled jalapenos on a thin fried beef cutlet with good bread. the regular was the size of my face, so it's a two meal sandwhich for me.

      1. re: augustiner

        Umm Milanesa... my favorite way to eat it is with either a slathering of Adobo (the kind that is normally paired with Lengua guisos), Mole Rojo, or Salsa Blanca... ask if they can accomodate... you will not regret it.

    2. The Frites place, Frjtz Gourmet Belgian Fries, is far from what I would call a dive. It's located at 590 Valencia at 17th Street. They have good salads. I've never been a fan of the crepes or fries.

      Here's a link to their fairly useless Web site:

      If you want crepes you can get way better ones at Ti Couz at 3108 16th Street, near Valencia. This is also not a dive.

      1. Yamo is pretty divey. Hole in the wall with like five seats at the counter. Cheapest Burmese food in town. Friendly. (Used to be Thai, didn't bother to change the name.)

        There are two or three divey Yucatecan places on the west side of Mission between 16th and 18th. I prefer Popol Vuh on 16th near South Van Ness, not quite as divey but not much more expensive.

        Frjtz is about as divey as Bar Tartine. An order of fries and a draft Hoegaarden makes a nice snack.

        1. St. Francisco Fountain is not new, but it's is now a hipster joint serving really good brunch on Sundays. It might be worth a try if you are looking for a "divey" brunch. It's on 24th and York - I think. They even have outdoor seating on the sidewalk.

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          1. re: Mari


            St. Francis Fountain & Candy
            2801 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            1. re: Mari

              St. Francis fountain is also good for lunch and dinner. Good burgers, egg salad, milkshakes, etc.

            2. Yucatasia
              2164 Mission btw 17~18th Streets
              San Francisco, CA 94101
              (415) 626-6828

              Panchita's #2
              16th Street, east of Valencia - for pupusas

              Big Mouth Burger - $6.40 for the basic burger + fries or coleslaw
              24th Street & Valencia

              Bacon Dog Cart - on a corner on 16th St. in the Mission on the weekends after 9 pm or at 22nd St. and Mission... or near Little Baobab. You'll have to walk the 'hood.

              Irma's Pampanga Restaurant
              2901 16th Street at South Van Ness Avenue

              Kadok's House of Mami and Siopao
              Guadalajara Taqueria
              (Mission and Onondaga


              Tortas Los Picudos
              2969 24th Street @ Harrison

              Good, not divey:
              Valencia Pizza and Pasta (best value for weekend breakfasts)
              801 Valencia at 19th St.

              Mariposa Cafeteria (for the Roast Pork on Rice & Cabbage)
              1599 Tennesee at 26th Street off Third Street
              Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Sat. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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              1. re: Cynsa

                What's good at Kadok's House of Mami and Siopao? I don't find any reports here.

                And where is it? Google thinks it's in Daly City and Union City.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Kadok's House of Mami and Siopao
                  4794 Mission Street at Onondaga
                  San Francisco
                  hours: 9 am to 7 pm
                  for lumpia and pancit malabon

                  also nearby: Taqueria Guadalajara at 4798 Mission Street

                  1. re: Cynsa

                    Those sound good, but they're not in the area the OP requested. Is Kadok's a sit-down type of place or more take-out/order @ counter?

                    Dave MP

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        Actually, there was one message from 2005 and one from 2006 in the search results.