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Oct 2, 2007 07:46 PM

Favorite LA food blogs?

What's your favorite LA-centric food blog?

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  1. Shameless self-promo aside ;) -- I generally enjoy all the blogs featured on LA blogs aggregator Digesty LA ~ but take particular delight in Sarah's whimiscal "The Delicious Life", the wonderful pictures of "Potatomato", seeing Aubrey/Celeste "What's to Eat LA" & Javier "Teenage Glutster" as they discovered hidden, affordable gems in the area, the fun rantings and ravings (occasionally audible from their occasional podcasts) of "Gastrologica", and the community conversation that takes place in "la.foodblogging" (run by Jonah, the same guy behind Digesty).

    Of the more commercial variety, I like LA Eater & The Knife for the LA food biz gossip (what's opening, what's closing, chef shuffling to and from where, etc.), and the LA Times' Daily Dish blog have pretty good, fun reads too.

    Also, a thumbs up to Caroline on Crack - who not only dishes out nice food-related entries but also great stuff about shopping deals and the hottest nightlife going-ons.

    For more the more single-variety oriented stuff, I like the Great Taco Hunt whenever I'm up for discover new taco joints/truck, and rameniac should I get a cravin' for noodles.

    Finally, I also love OMG Food by PoetKitty & ColleenCuisine (a.k.a. Pinkberry's unofficial PR Lady), though their blogs have been on hiatus as of late -- crossing fingers that both will return soon.


    1. For the Koreatown/Mid-City crowd, check out Bon Vivant's My Culinary Adventures (great pix and videos) and Raven's KBlogInLa (which covers culture and happenings as well as food in Koreatown).