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Oct 2, 2007 07:30 PM

New Mexican Restaurant in South Slope

I just got home from my second dinnner at Pyramide, a new Mexican restaurant on 5th Avenue between 12 and 13. Overall, this restaurant is a welcome addition to the South Slope dining scene. The food is tasty and well prepared and the service is enthusiastic. I had the guacamole (prepared tableside) both times I went and thought that it was well prepared using very fresh ingredients (as a side note, I noticed that the tomatoes, onions and jalapenos were perfectly diced).

I have eaten (or tasted) the tacos al carbon, a shrimp special, the chicken chilaquiles (they call it a layered enchilada) and the boneless crisy half chicken. They were all excellent - bursting with flavor and well prepared. The half chicken managed to be crispy and juicy at the same time. The shrimp had an excellent sweet-and-savory flavor.

Pyramide doesn't have a liquor license yet but they have an innovative workaround - you get a beer or a glass of wine on the house.

I understand that they are offering weekend brunch in addition to dinner.

I only have one quibble - I wish the corn tortillas were homemade (a pretty high standard but after having fresh tortillas at the Red Hook ballfields, I can't get enough).

I recommend Pyramide and think it is well worth trying so please do so.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I agree that Piramide is worth a try. I've only been once (for lunch), but I definitely want to go back again for dinner. The tortilla soup was excellent, with a very dark red, flavorful broth. They give you a little side dish with avocado, cheese, tortilla strips and lime, so you can put in as much or as little as you want. In the corn tamale appetizer, the tamale itself is ordinary, but it is served in a pool of delicious mole poblano, with some honey-roasted pumpkin seeds. The contrast of the soft tamale, the rich mole and the crunchy seeds was great.

      I would say that the pricing is a little uneven. $4 was about right for the tortilla soup, but $9 was too much for a small tamale appetizer.

      I'm curious to see what other chowhounds think. I think Piramide is a pretty good "upscale" place, but some hounds may prefer to skip the delusions of grandeur, and just go to Tacos Nuevo Mexico up the block!

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      1. re: parkslopemama

        By the way, Piramide has its wine and beer license now.

        They also have a great three-course lunch special, with several different choices. I had tortilla soup (again), steak tacos and a delicious pumpkin flan for $12. Kitchen was very slow, though. They weren't really ready to open to 12:00.

      2. I second mmm and mama: Definitely worth checking out. I've only been for dinner once, and am looking forward to trying their Sunday brunch (hopefully it will be a step up from Beso, which I also enjoy; admittedly, the type of food offered at Piramide is pretty different).

        It was nice to have some really good Mexican food without feeling as though I needed to be rolled home after the meal was over. I thought the guac was only ok: We had to ask for lime and salt, which seemed odd to me. The beef in the tacos carbon, though, was excellent. My friend said his steak (the "famous" type... whatever the full name is) was really outstanding.

        Next time, tortilla soup!

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        1. re: ORP

          with no liquor license, do they allow byob?

          1. re: TBird

            I'm 90% sure the answer to that question is 'yes.' iirc, our waiter said something like, "we don't have a liquor license yet, but you can bring your own... Or have a complimentary glass of wine."

            I think the time spent making our decision was so brief (approaching zero) that the first BYOB option sort of flew out of our heads! Free wine? Yes please.

            1. re: ORP

              lol i hear ya loud and clear. but the byob option rocks my world. i can throw a rock from my stoop and probably hit the front of pyramide/piramide(what is it called? they don't have a sign yet either, right?)!

              1. re: ORP

                Yes, my friend and I brought a bottle of wine with us the last time we went.

                1. re: ORP

                  FYI I believe that the State Liquor Authority regulations are that if you don't have a liquor license, you can't sell alcohol. However, you can give it away.

              2. re: ORP

                We ate there tonight. We tried the Tamale appetizer and agree--the mole sauce is great but 9 dollars is way too much--actually the menu read tamales. I had the Tortilla soup which was very tasty but unfortunately it wasn't completely heated up, and I know I could of said something but I just didn't feel like it. My husband got the "Geraldine's Famous Carne Asado" He said the meat was very tasty--def. marinated and it was prepared med. rare like he asked for but the rice and beans were flavorless as well as the corn tortillas. I also got a salad with grapefruit that was nice.
                We want to return and try more of the menu.

                1. re: ORP

                  The chef David Sharp is excellent. Good news for sophist Park Slopers. Great food right with presentation and taste.
                  Support this place.

                2. We ate there tonight as well and recommend it to others. We also loved the crispy half chicken with spinach and enjoyed the shrimp enchiladas and the tableside guacamole. The owner was very welcoming as were the rest of the staff. Best to ask about BYOB --they are a little nervous while their license is pending.

                  1. That would seem to be almost next door to Tacos Nuevo Mexico which I've always enjoyed--Do you feel Pyramide is superior?

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                    1. re: rschwim

                      went at lunch today. let's see, wasn't offered any beer or wine. they forgot our guacomole. damn shame, really looking forward to trying it. wasn't offered anything at all to drink, except water. the "salsa" was taken away when our mains came out, but the chips were left on the table. what do i do with chips? the owner came over at the end and noticed the non existent guac, told us to come back someday and he'll comp it. not really sure it'll happen that way. :-(

                      1. re: TBird

                        2nd time, not so lucky(again). the manager on duty couldn't honour our free guac because it was a different manager who issued it. <sigh>. no biggie, i understand. a few decent wines by the glass, beer selection not so good. ordered as "apps" sweet potato soup and and jumbo crab salad. we got the corn chowder...when the sweet potato soup finally came, the crab salad was nowhere to be found. we were splitting the crab quesadilla, which came before the crab salad came(our waitress made a joke about having crabs. okkkk. she also made a joke to the table next to us, who was discussing cars, about wanting to get a "hummer"... i get it, she's really a comedian and only waitresses to pay the rent....). the crab salad finally came last, and i ate it alone...on the good side, the crab salad was good and meaty and the quesadilla was also quite good.

                        i wonder if they plan on getting a liquor license(LIQUOR! tequila! margarita!). if so, i'd still go and sit at the bar and have a marg and an app. as it is, no need to bother for dinner or lunch. for now.

                        1. re: TBird

                          We were there this past weekend and thought it was good, not great; liked the space and our service was good and friendly, and the food was pretty good; my husband really liked his tuna dish and I had the marinated steak which was a little bland and could have used some seasoning, or sauce. The table-side guac was a little too salty but to his credit the server asked us how it was and how he could improve it next time. The tamale appetizer was yummy. Also they are definitely getting a full liquor license "soon" according to the waitress. We'll surely go back when we can have a margarita with our meal --somehow wine with this kind of food didn't seem quite right!

                      2. re: rschwim

                        You're right, they are only one block from each other. It's hard to compare though; they are two totally different types of places! As I said earlier, Piramide is trying to be somewhat "high-end." You might find it nice (which I did), or you might think they have overpriced delusions of grandeur. Tacos N.M. is just a basic, cheap, authentic place, which many chowhounds probably prefer.... Check it out and let us know what you think!