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Best Brazilian Food in NYC

Has anyone had some great brazilian? I hear a little about Buzina Pop...but i'm looking for the next rock star brazilian chef? Is that Buzina Pop or does anyone have some ideas. Please help.

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  1. I haven't heard about Buzina Pop yet, but if you're looking for authentic Brazilian I would recommend Casa on Bedford in the Village. This place is small and quaint and you literally feel at home. It is nothing like the typical churrascarias around the city. But if you're looking for a good Churrascaria I would recommend going out to Newark. The ones here are simply overpriced and not half as good as what you'll get in the Brazilian neighborhoods in Jersey.

    1. There's actually a Brazilian section in NYC. Its right by the diamond district ( 46th btwn 5th and 6th...)...As a matter of fact the street is called "Little Brazil."

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        I think "Little Brazil" went the way of Little Italy, actually. There aren't that many brazilian places there anymore, and the one or two I've eaten at in the last 5 years were not very good.

      2. You should also ask on other boards. There are 4 good places in Astoria -- Malagueta (the best), Favela, Sabor, and Brasilianville (the cheapest) -- and several good ones in Newark (Tapajos and Brasilia and several others, some in the mall on Adams St.)

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          La Malagueta was really great - I highly recommend making the trip. Great food and lovely staff.

        2. Ther5e's a place called Brazil Brazil on 46th between 8th and 9th where they sell $4.-- Caipirinhas from 6-9 pm ( plus mojitos and sangria) and their fejoada isn't bad at all.

          1. Avoid Buzina Pop. It's terrible and overpriced. The service is a joke! I wrote a review about the place months ago. You can probably find if you do a search in Buzina Pop. It was a big disappointment. I had high expectations for the place, since their menu looks very much like the menus of "cozinha contemporanea" restaurants we have in Brazil (a kind of New-Brazilian).

            My favorite Brazilian in NYC is Via Brasil, although I don't like the decor of the place. The food is very good and authentic, although not innovative. The menu is very much what you will find in an old style Brazilian restaurant in Brazil.

            Zebu Grill on 92nd St is also a good option. The room is much cozier than Via Brasil. The menu is small but innovative.

            I haven't been in Circus since they moved to the new location, but it used to be good.
            For Churrascaria I would go to Plataforma, it's better than Porcao, IMO.

            I am afraid you won't find the next rock star Brazilian chef in the US. Try Rio or Sao Paulo...

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              I very much agree with Toot about Via Brasil, on W. 46th Street, "Little Brazil" (also the title of a book I wrote on Brazilian immigrants in NYC). It has the best Brazilian food in the city but I also like Zebu Grill quite a lot.

              Circus is very pretty--the most upscale of the group--and its cuisine, while good, is what I would call "Brazilian light"--smallish portions and an attempt to cut down on calories.

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                I think I read your review on Buzina Pop. Thanks for the honesty and saving me from wasting my $. However I must say the Mousse de Abacate sounds incredible.

              2. cant comment as a comparitive matter bc i havent been to a lot of brazilian places, but I love Casa, in W. Village on Bedford Street

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                  would say that Casa is "authentic" ? i don't know a great deal about Brazilian and i am trying to pick a good restaurant for a birthday date.

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                    I am not from Brazil but have visited the country so from what I can tell, the food tasted pretty authentic to me. Their caipirinhas are strong by the way, don't go too fast :)

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                      I'm half Brazilian. The food at Casa is fine enough, if a tad west village-ified. You could find it in Brazil but it would probably be considered average bland food. Fine not great. Maybe I'm annoyed at the prices. I find it really pricey for what it is. Food like that is what you'd get at one of the pay what it weighs lunch buffets all over Brazil, even in SP airport--a meal that does the job but little more and costs you a fraction of Casa's price.
                      When I'm talking authentic brazilian food I'm talking little soups with little muscles in it and dende oil, farofa with bits of meats in it, I'm talking feijoada with a mess of all sort of crazy animal parts in it, I'm talking chicken hearts on skewers, tapoicas or acarajes stuffed to the brim with coconut and cheese or dried shrimp, I'm talking parts of cow that you didn't even know cow's had nevermind what you can eat, and tons and tons and tons of yuca (made into a powdery meal, fried, made into a paste and mixed with dende oil, mixed into cakes, etc). Or, I don't know...maybe this is just what my family eats. Brazilian chowhounders--please feel free to step in here.

                2. I went to Circus last night. Most of the food was good not amazing, but the octopus-and-chorizo stew in red wine was outstanding, really worth traveling for. The tuna app was good too.

                  1. Cabana Carioca (RIP)-sniff ;(.

                    1. Nobody mentioned Delicia, I guess because it's low-key and not fancy. It's on West 11th Street. Go here for a relaxed festive and real Brazilian food experience. A casual fun family atmosphere and good home cooking. Delicious camarĂ£o na moranga. Just don't go if you're in a hurry. And caipirinhas are not strong. For me their strengths override their weaknesses.