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Oct 2, 2007 07:07 PM

Fried Oreos! and other fried treats.

I live in Silver Spring, and it seems that I have been searching for the beauty that is fried oreos for MONTHS. I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Does anyone know where I can find them in Mont. County / DC / NoVa?

Also, if this pans out, does anyone know where I could get my hands on some fried candy bars and/or fried twinkies?

(Yeah, I know. I'm disgusting.)

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  1. Ahh... festival food. :) I saw the devilish things at the Maryland Renaissance Festival a couple weekends ago -- it runs through the 21st of October. I've never heard of getting such things anywhere but fairs and festivals. The Texas state fair in Dallas had fried EVERYthing -- our favorite was the fried Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwiches. Beats the heck out of Oreos. :) Good luck!

    1. Fried candy bars at Eamonn's in Alexandria, VA

      Fried twinkie sundae at Urban Burger Company in Rockville, MD http://www.urbanburgerco.com/pages/me...

      1. Not disguisting! I've seen the candy bars on the menu at Eamonn's...

        When I lived in Amherst, Mass, one of my go to spots for craptastically good food had the best fried pickles and a fried oreo sundae.