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Cornmeal Crust Pizza in Los Angeles Area?

I used to eat cornmeal crust pizza in San Francisco at Mozzarella di Bufala and I am craving some right now in west hollywood. I can only find 1 place so far in my internet search - Zelo's in Arcadia.

Any others? I would love to have a nice lil list handy for emergencies...

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  1. There was a place off of Van Ness that we used to eat cornmeal crust pizza. Near Davies Hall. Anyway, I also crave it and the only place I've found is Zelo.

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      cucamonga baseline and archibald.try the baked beans my seal of approval

      1. re: JimmyC

        Is it called Cucamonga? Or is it in that city? And if it is in Rancho, what's the place called?

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        The restaurant is no longer open but you can buy the pizza in the deli's of some of the better grocery stores in the bay area. I don't know if they're available in your parts

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          You can find Vicolo Frozen pizzas at Bristol Farms.

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            you can also find it at whole foods. frozen and fresh by the deli counter. you can also buy just the crust and make your own pizza as well.

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              Yeah, I like this. It would be better fresh, but it's certainly tasty from Whole Foods.

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                I've found that only certain (larger) WFs carry them...the one on Glendale Blvd being one. The smaller ones don't stock it, but can order it. Call ahead!

                I find these excellent and are a credible alternative to driving out to Zelo in Arcadia.

      3. D'Amore's Pizza Connection has branches throughout the SFV and in West Hollywood. They use cornmeal in their crust. The white pizza is great.

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          I'll try that place. I could really use some cornmeal crust pizza right about now...sigh*

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            Your prayers have been answered.


            It's not Mozzarella di Bufala, but it'll do the trick.

          1. I seem to recall that Abbot's Pizza has cornmeal crust. It's okay in a pinch for me but I wasn't enamored with it like many others are. There are locations all over the westside.

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              From SF as well and loved Panhandle Pizza on Hayes. I made the mistake of ordering Masa's pizza in Echo Park for delivery, waited hours and got a soggy cornmeal deep-dish pizza that disappointed me supremely. Definitely should have done eat in, but according to menu be prepared to wait awhile...
              I have to admit that my break glass in case of emergency cornmeal pizza these days is the Trader Joe's one with spinach and olives. I dress it up a bit more, pop it in the oven, it works for me...

              1. re: LaLa Eat

                That's probably true. The only time I've had Masa'a was straight out of the oven, so didn't have that problem. And I believe the cornmeal crust is only available in the deep dish. They also offer regular pies but I think that's a standard crust. But ask to be sure.

                The deep dish does take an hour to prepare so bring a friend or a book. And/or I think you can call in your order ahead of your arrival, so it's almost ready when you get there.

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                I don't believe Abbott's has cornmeal crust unless it's some kind of special.

                1. re: a_and_w

                  I don't recall a cornmeal crust when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

                  1. re: Woolsey

                    To address some possible confusion...lots of pizza places use a brushing of cornmeal on the board to prevent sticking, which leaves a thin layer of the stuff on the bottom of the crust. I beleive this it what you may find at Abbott's.

                    But what beefleef is looking for is a crust made using cornmeal as the primary ingredient, as opposed to flour. A very different product. Mozzarella di Bufala in SF does this. And Masa in Echo Park does it with their deep dish.

                    1. re: wutzizname

                      I'm familiar with the concept but I've never seen even a brushing at Abbott's. Perhaps Tracy S is thinking of Lamonica's?

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        Actually, I believe that Abbott's has a bagel crust.

                        1. re: a_and_w

                          Lamonica's default is not cornmeal crust.

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                            I stand corrected. Maybe cornstarch? The crusts tastes like it's been treated with something to make it crisper.

                2. I heard a rumor that Two Boots from NY might be opening up in LA but I have done no research to confirm. They definitely use a cornmeal crust.

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                    I think you may have read about Two Boots here, as I did! -

                  2. Masa in Echo Park has it too. It's been a while since I've had pizza there - but I recall it being good. A bit denser crust than Zelo's -- and not as creative on the toppings (but you can build your own by selecting the toppings you want).


                    1. Zelo's is top's on the list and worth the drive from WeHo. Masa does not make the grade IMHO.

                      1. Beefleef,

                        I'm glad there are others out there who appreciate the power of cornmeal. If you ever make it to Chicago, go to Gino's East. They have some of the best Chicago style pizza, and default use a cornmeal crust. I am weeping as I type this.....

                        Where is Zelo's? Am I going to have to travel East of the 405 AGAIN? I can't take much more of this....

                        Can anyone else vouch for Vicolo pizza? How much do they run at Bristol Farms & Whole Paycheck? I refuse to pay more than $8 for a frozen pizza. Otherwise, just order your own.

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                          I think it's more than $8 at Bristol. But if you ever had the chance to wander into Vicolo in SF it is not something you soon forget and will pay the price.

                          I recall that a fresh slice was expensive, around $3 or $4, and this was in 1988.

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                            Ginos' East has good corn meal crust as does Lou Malnati's -- nothing like it out here. Yes, Zelo's is east of the 405 -- maybe it's time to move east of the 405 given the limitations west of the 405! ZELO, 328 E. Foothill Blvd., Arcadia, (626) 358-8298

                          2. If you can get to Zelo's, you'll be in for a treat! If you're near a Trader Joe's I had a pretty tasty cornmeal crust pizza from there. If the TJ pizzas suit you then it would be quite convenient have them sitting in your fridge!

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                              Not sure if TJs still carries these...went looking in vain the other day for them there. However, see Whole Foods (larger ones) for Vicolo corn crusts in the freezer section.

                              1. re: SecretAsianMan

                                Darn...it sucks when they discontinue things you like. They recently stopped stocking these little pickles that my friend adored. I do believe Zelos sells their pizzas frozen too

                            2. I was not impressed with Zelo's when I went there. The service was very rude and the pizza was terribly overpriced for the quality (fine but definitely not great). Other people love it, though, so perhaps I went on an off day...

                                1. re: stuff

                                  Is Cornmeal their default crust or do you have to special order it?