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Oct 2, 2007 06:41 PM

Foie Gras! $5 Menu?

I recently read that in response to those who want to ban foie gras local chefs have staged a coup and are offering foie gras items for $5. Does anyone know the story on this? If true, where can I purchase such things? And has anyone indulged already and have recs?


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      1. I'd recommend going to Le Bar Lyonnais and Matyson.

        At Le Bar Lyonnais, the preparation is sauteed foie gras with squash jelly. It's a very unique and delicious presentation. Chef Pierre and Chef Ron are quite talented with handling foie gras so you're in for a treat. Incidentally, the portion is a full appetizer portion, and not a tiny little portion.

        Matt Spector (Matyson) also has an extremely deft touch at handling foie gras and preparing accompaniments for it. He makes excellent fruit compotes and perfectly match the seared foie gras on top of perfectly toasted brioche. Foie gras is normally somewhere between $15 and $20 at Matyson so $5 is a steal.

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            We had it last night at Matyson. It was superb.

          2. So I went "foie hopping" tonight. Far and away, the place to go is LE BAR LYONAIS!! For $5 the portion was enormous...more than I've ever had for $15 and up. The accompaying green tomato jam was delicious. Matyson's was nice. Brasserie Perrier's was miniscule, overcooked and unthought provoking. Word of advice...if you like foie, get to Le Bar this week!!!

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              I'm not surprised to hear that Brasserie Perrier's foie gras was mediocre. I've also heard through the grape vine that the foie gras at Susanna Foo is surprisingly good.

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