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Oct 2, 2007 06:35 PM

Good eateries near Vancouver General Hospital??

Will be staying near this hospital for a few days and would like suggestions for a few places for lunch/dinner. I was amazed at the izakaya restos on my previous visit to Vancouver when I stayed near Robson St.......are there any in this part of the city near the hospital?

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  1. Robson St is only a 5 minute walk north on Burrad St.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      No, VGH is over the bridge over by Broadway. You're thinking of St. Paul's.

      to the OP, sorry, I can't help on this one. I usually end up eating at the caf when I go to VGH.

    2. you're probably going to have to go over to Granville between Broadway (9th) and 12. Lots of options there.

      Cambie and 12 there's Figment. I'm drawing a total blank on anything around VGH

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      1. re: Cancuk

        Are you talking walking distance? Or is a short drive/bus/taxi ride acceptable.
        Other than izakayas, what else are you looking for? Gourmet/high - end, upscale casual, cheap eats, ethnic.

        If you could specify a little more, I could tailor my suggestions better, as I know the area well.

        Having said that, here are some of my picks:

        1) Vij's / Rangoli. Great Indian fusion at reasonable prices. It is at Granville and 11th, about 6 blocks from VGH. Rangoli is open 11 am - 8 pm. Vij's opens at 5:30, no reservations, so get there by 5:10 or be prepared to wait up to an hour.

        2) Bin 942 - Upscale Tapas and Wine Bar. At Granville & Broadway, about 8 blocks from VGH.

        3) West - Gourmet Restaurant, one of the tops in Vancouver. Granville & 12th, 6 blocks away. If you go between 5:30 and 6:00 pm the early-bird menu is $49 for three courses.

        4) Steamrollers - A vancouver based mini-chain specializing in burritos. There is one a block from VGH at Broadway and Heather.

        5) For an izakaya - I know that HAPA Izakaya just opened a second location on Yew Street near 4th Ave. That is a a good 20-25 block walk. You could just as easily take a bus downtown and go to Guu with Garlic or the original Hapa.

        5) For Izakayas

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          Thanks newJJD - I read a lot about Vij's and West on this board but didn't realize they're both that close, so will try one of the suggested for dinner. I am open to anything that Vancouver does really well that I don't get a chance to try in Toronto. I guess I'll hop on a bus towards Robson for my izakaya craving.

          1. re: tampopo

            Not a problem... please post your experiences here upon your return... it's always nice to see how one's suggestions turn out!

      2. Returned from Vancouver last week and was disappointed that my stay was shorter than originally did not get to try as many places as I'd have liked.

        Ended up staying at the Holiday Inn on W Broadway - the first evening, I ventured out west to shop on Granville St. and found a little bakery with great eccles cakes just packed with raisins. I had dinner alone at Malaysian Banana Leaf where I had one of the tastiest nasi gorengs and a plate of spicy fried calamari. The portions were huge and could have easily fed two!

        The next evening a friend and I both felt like Japanese, so went to Kamei Royal just a block away from the hotel. We shared a large boat full of fresh sushi and a platter of tempura (full of shrimp, fish, scallops and veggies). We thoroughly enjoyed these but could not finish everything! Vancouver portions are much larger than what we get in Toronto and the seafood is a lot fresher too. I saw some interesting cooked dishes on their menu, so I returned here on my last evening and stuffed myself with chawanmushi, shrimp gyoza, nigiri sushi (fresh toro, hamachi and unagi), panko coated deep fried fish layered with mentaiko (fish roe) and spinach, and a dessert of anmitsu (red beans, fresh fruit and black sesame ice cream)......I was just in heaven!!

        For one of our working lunches, we had vegetarian & chicken burritos ordered from Steam Rollers - they were packed with rice & beans and really tasty.
        I also managed to take a bus downtown to the Salmon Village store at Robson & Thurlow for indian candy, as they are great gifts to take back home.

        As always, had a great time in Vancouver and just can't wait to go back!!!

        1. One short block below VGH emergency dept is Steeps Tea Lounge @ Broadway & Laurel.
          They have excellent soups,sandwiches and baked goods. The selection of teas is phenomenol

          1. I'd like to also Minato's on Broadway and Hemlock and Monk McQueen's on False Creek and Solly's Bagelry on 7th & Yukon. Solly's makes the best sticky buns. YUM

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            1. re: rtms

              Minato is actually at Oak and Broadway (the sushi restaurant at Broadway & Hemlock is Shin Ju).