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Oct 2, 2007 06:15 PM

Zomick's Challah

In my opinion, Zomick's challah has declined in taste since Zomick's became a Super bakery instead of just a good neighborhood bakery. I think that they have become too large. As a matter of fact, I heard (from a fairly reliable source) that they bought out the new owners of Gourmet Glatt.

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  1. Perhaps you should check again with your reliable sources.
    Zomicks did not buy out the new owners of Goumet Glatt.
    They own the bakery dept. in the store.

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    1. re: Cookyman

      From what I have heard (may or may not be true) That Gourmet Glatt bought the retail department and the Wholesale section of Zomicks located in Inwood is still owned by the previous zomicks ownership.

      In regards to the challah and quality of Zomicks products, I could not agree more. A lot of it just tastes mass produced at this point, and as has been pointed out on the site a few times already, the Challah is way to doughy.

    2. The ownership of Zomick's is irrelevant; the taste and texture is important and it fails on both counts. Zomick's challah tastes oddly sweet and the texture is spongy, more like Wonderbread than challah.

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      1. re: rifbat

        Sticky too, more like a honey cake than a challah. Very poor choice if you want to make a cold cut sandwich. Shlomie's Bakery or the Israeli Grocery ( corner Central and Prospect) have much better challahs.