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Oct 2, 2007 05:45 PM

Five nights in San Francisco

We have 5 evenings in San Francisco.............Friday-Tuesday. Oct 26-oct 30. Would appreciate 5 recs for the " best" and most romantic. We will be staying at the San Francisco Marriot for a pediatric meeting.
We did Gary Danko and Michael Mina the last time we were there.
We like that type of restaurant and enjoy most foods except for Indian and we do not want to do Chinese. We had lunch at the Slanted door and would probably go back for lunch.

We were considering Acquerello for Italian, The Ritz dining room, Farallon for seafood, Quince
and Fleur de Lys.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I neglected to say that we are from New York. In New York, we enjoy Del Posto, Nobu, Alto etc.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Can I join you? I'd swap Ame for Farallon. Suggest you look at Coi and see if that appeals to you at all. Enjoy your visit!

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      Farallon these days is so so, if you are in Union Sq. early evening and want a snack to hold you over then sit at the oyster bar and have some wine and oysters. I agree with dinnerout Ame or Coi a better choice.
      Acquerello for Italian is great.. but if you are open to more seasonal food, cozier neighborhood spots than Incanto might be considered.
      Quince for sure!

      I am sorry to say I have never been to Fleur de Lys just not on my radar.
      Ritz has a nice bubbly flight to check out.

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        Second the Ame suggestion. My wife and I ate there last week and would rate it with a meal at Quince as the best we've had thus far in San Francisco (and we've been working our way through pretty well). It also gains in being very close to your hotel.

        Clearly, I also think Quince is a great idea.

      2. GREAT list. Agree on swapping Ame for Farallon.

        Other than that? You are golden. Only other question is Quince. By all accounts awesome, but you might consider La Folie or Coi instead. But... you might also prefer Quince, so...

        [edit] after eading that yo have a particular fondness for Italian (based upon your NYC preferences) then stick with Quince and use the exact list you already have, just swap out Farallon and replace it with Ame. :-)

        1. Here's a thread which is a good jumping off point for Coi research.

          1. Quince and Acquerello are the Frenchiest of SF's Italian restaurants. You might do better to try Incanto or Delfina, where the food's less like what you'd get at home, but on the other hand they might not be fancy or expensive enough for your taste. Though if you go only to the fanciest, most expensive places, you're missing the heart of the local dining scene.

            Other upscale places you might want to consider:


            Re Quince, people almost always laud the pastas but are often disappointed in the main ("third") courses.

            Recent lukewarm report on Fleur de Lys: