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Oct 2, 2007 05:45 PM

One Nice Meal in Singapore [Moved from South Asia board]

I'll be in Singapore to celebrate my 30th birthday and am looking for one special meal. Doesn't need to be "fancy" but should be fantastic food. I live in NYC so preferably something that is unique to Asia/Singapore that I can't get in NY.

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  1. that's really hard to answer considering we have no idea what you like or dislike.

    Do you need to have air conditioning? another consideration is that sure you can get xiao long bao in nyc but the xiao long bao at din tai fung is far superior to anything in NYC. the Thai food here is 1,000 times better then anything in the USA (but still not nearly as good as in bangkok). Come to think of it, thai food in the US is total crap compared to here.

    anyways, i'll just throw out a random guess....go to Long Beach Seafood @ marina bay. Order some chili crab, bamboo clams and some type of prawn.

    tho for my birthday i'd prefer to go to Sunday Brunch at The Line @ Shangri-La.

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    1. re: Hot Chocolate

      And the Mexican, Persian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Pizza, Middle Eastern, Central American, Japanese, Korean, Hoagies, etc. etc. are crap in Singapore. In other words, we all have our strengthes and weaknesses, and geography has alot to do with it. :)

    2. it's really hard to get a bad meal in singapore. no signboard seafood restaurant is pretty good. so is my humble house. both have websites.

      on the whole, the most fun dining is at the hawker centres. enjoy your stay.

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        If cost is not an issue I would suggest Indochine or My Humble House. Both are great restaurants with great food and atmosphere. I also really like the Straits Cafe at Grand Hyatt where you can get a chance to try some of the most traditional Singaporean foods all in one location. It is a buffet that can get hectic at prime time but the food is authentic and overall very good.

      2. I suggest you try Hainan Chicken Rice at the Chatterbox at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Palm Beach Seafood at One Fullerton, Curry Fish Head at Racecourse Road (there are many specialising there there but my favorite is called My Makan Place), Bak Kut Teh (it is local name for Pork Ribs herbal soup) but this is probably too exotic for westerners.

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        1. re: FourSeasons

          Those I recommend earlier are the local Singapore food, but if you are looking for international restaurants, I suggest Iggies (modern fusion) at Regent Hotel, Tatsuya (Japanese sashimi) at Crown Prince Hotel, Kazu (yakitori) at Cuppage Plaza, Lei Garden (Chinese Cantonese) at Chymes, Imperial Treasure (Chinese Chiu Chow) at Ngee Ann City, Garuda (Indonesia Padang) near Hereen Shopping Center.

          1. re: FourSeasons

            l'angelus on club street is my goto french bistro.
            love the oriental. it's our favorite hotel in singapore.