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Oct 2, 2007 05:36 PM

Atelier Robuchon, Spoon, and Cristal Room Baccarat

I have been to Atelier Robuchon in New York. I did not love it. I enjoyed it; but felt it was somewhat overpriced and under-portioned. For about same price as a Parisian 2 or 3-star prix-fixe lunch, it did not come close (though this is a little bit apples and oranges). Incidentally, Mr. Robuchon was there, and quite friendly....I will be in Paris soon, and I am thinking about going to the location there. For anyone who has been to both, is the Paris location different...superior...similar?

On a separate subject, can anyone tell me about Spoon and Cristal Room Baccarat. I am a fan of Starck's, but I have not been to either of these places. How is the atmosphere? The Food?

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  1. Haven't been to JR in NY, but the main appeal of the one in Paris is to stop by late at night or for a late or early lunch snack and to have just one or two classics like the sweetbread (exceptional) or the Merlan (also) or the tarts (same). It is definitely as you say, overpriced and underportioned. But that's exactly the point -- just a few bites of very high gastronomy, without the grand restaurant circus. Don't take bistrot dishes like the ham or the tartare or the spaghetti, but go for grand Robuchon classics in any case. More detailed review at:

    Spoon is very design, food wise it is a Ducasse version of comtemporary cooking -- decent and I hate it. The ambiance is very upscale and rather trendy (not as much so as in the early 2000s obviously, when it was all the buzz).

    1. As usual, agree with Souphie, been to both, find NY much too 'precious', but Souphie description right on for Rue Montalembert space. Go for the squab stuffed with fois gras and cabbage wrapped ,the pommes puree that comes with it and do it twice. Find Paris one much more accessible and far less expensive if order wisely.

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        I had a fabulous meal at AJR on Rue Montalembert two weeks ago. The food was fantastic,,,the foie and the quail were to die for. The staff was very nice, friendly, helpful. Considering the quality of ingredients and presentation, I thought it was very good value for 120 E prix fix menu. They had great specials, roast suckling pig, wild rabbit terrine and the first fresh white truffles of the season from Italy. I cant wait to go back !!

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          I had their suckling pig special on my last trip to Paris too. It was DIVINE and in my opinion, second only to Ibu Oka's babi guling in Bali.