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Oct 2, 2007 04:59 PM

Lunch Suggestions, Please: Kof P, and N3rd St. Areas

Last minute plans for me, can you help? I'm looking for a great lunch spot close to N. 3rd St., and am not at all familiar with the choices. Any type of food other than Mexican or Indian would be fine. for a Saturday lunch. Upscale and relaxing would be great.

Also, will be shopping at Nordstroms Sunday with a friend, and would like a great lunch, rather than a Mall quick bite. Only place I know off is Blue Dolphin, which would be fine, but I'd welcome some other suggestions.

It';s my week for lunch. Having Sushi at Fuji in Haddonfield on tomorrow. There's a place that never disappoints. Will report if I have anything unusual.

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  1. well i live by one and work by the other so i guess i'm qualified to answer for both. :)

    for n 3rd st, do you mean old city, northern liberties, or above? there are a ton of great brunching options in this area - my favorite named after the street itself, north 3rd. it's a gastro pub at 3rd and brown with really well-prepared food. their french toast and omelettes are awesome. my friends really liked their crispy chicken sandwich. i eat brunch there nearly every weekend. i'm not too sure what else is open saturday for lunch - most places do brunch if they are open. il cantuccio is another favorite of mine (northern liberties) as well as their sister restaurant, la locanda del ghiottone (old city) - both on 3rd st. again, i don't know if the latter two italian places are open for lunch... call first. they are both cash-only and BYO. both azure and the standard tap on 2nd street in northern liberties have brunch as well, i think - i've only been to both for dinner, and the food is good (i like azure better). but for this area i really usually stick with n3rd because it's my favorite by far.

    your best bet for lunch in KoP is to take a break from the mall and head a mile or two down 202 south to a taste of india in the gateway shopping center. (can anyone help with the exit name? north valley forge road maybe?) on the weekends they have an overwhelming lunch buffet, totally inexpensive (under $10), a great re-fueling spot after shopping. both vegetarian and meat options galore. their food is the best indian food i've ever had. not fancy, but most definitely a great lunch. it's more than worth the short drive - there is nothing walking distance from the mall that comes remotely close.

    1. I notice that you said no Indian or Mexican food.
      So my recommendation is also to hightail it out of King of Prussia and drive for 10-15 minutes to Bryn Mawr to Yangming -- an extremely popular Asian restaurant, that gets a lot of high praise.
      The problem with recommending other good places nearby is that they are not open on Sundays -- especially for lunch! That's the rub!
      Good luck!

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      1. re: idia

        If you are in the mall in K of P I recommend Legal Seafoods.

        1. re: mitchh

          Legal Seafoods is perfect for Sunday, and I made a reservation today.

          Now can you suggest places within walking distance of 3rd and Chestnut/Market; definitely Old City, and not Northern Liberties, for lunch on Saturday? Again, anything but Mexican or Indian.

            1. re: Bashful3

              I agree with Legal Seafoods...I know it's a "chain," but it's one of those types of places that has a cool history so you don't really mind that it's not an original. The chowder is excellent, the fish is fresh and the lunch selection is great. It even has these little ice cream truffles that you order for a small dessert which are just too cute and very yummy.

              It's also right in the mall, so you don't have to leave the madness of that parking lot and fight the traffic to get a good meal.

            2. re: idia

              whoops, in double checking the dates meals and locations i missed out on no indian!!
              yangming's pretty far, so if you consider that you should hit it on your way back to the city (if that's where you're staying the night). there is also thai pepper on rte 30 in wayne on your way back. and i just had a nice BIG lunch at ristorante primavera in wayne today, too. legal sea foods is a bit pricey, but they are the best i can think of in the immediate area... at least you won't have to re-park.

              chestnut is actually (just barely) on the south side of market. amada as mentioned is great --- are they open for lunch on the weekends? they have high-end spanish tapas. there are a bunch of afghan places on chestnut... is that too close to indian food? what i've had at kabul has definitely been less spicy than most indian fare i've had, if you are worried about spices. also eulogy belgian tavern is a fun spot... might stand a good chance of them being open. i think they are on chestnut just east of 2nd. there's always buddakhan, too...

              1. re: rabidog

                You are all great to keep trying for me. Amada and Fork are not open for lunch. Yes, it's spicy that I can't deal with, not ethnic prejudice. Buddakhan might be a tad noisey, but that might do in a pinch. Keep those ideas coming, please!

                My problem is I can't walk far, so would hope to walk from where I park.

                1. re: Bashful3

                  Drat. Buddakan is also not open for lunch on Saturdays. I hope I won't have to drive somewhere else, just to have a nice lunch!

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    Fork Etc., the cafe attached to Fork, should be open on Saturday. It's not quite as fancy, but it's still a nice place for lunch. Pizzicato at 3rd and Market is also nice. Farmicia has a good Saturday brunch.

                    1. re: Bashful3

                      If sushi/Japanese is an option for your Saturday lunch, check out Haru, which is 1/2 block away from Buddakan. You won't be disappointed.

                    2. re: Bashful3

                      why don't more places in old city do brunch? farmicia does, but i have not been particularly wowed by them. other than that, and possibly campo's (nothing upscale about campo's, but they're good) i'm stumped. is continental open for lunch? again not one of my faves. oh and on the stephen starr kick, i know i HAVE been to both jones and el vez for lunch so i can verify (unless anything's changed) they'll be open. jones isn't too many blocks over - 7th and chestnut, i think? again i didn't have anything to write home about and jones i thought had particularly greasy food. man i have really struck out for brunch in center city.

                      anyway, if you are hard-pressed to find something, and if you do end up getting back in the car and driving someplace, we have ample parking (and no PPA) up here in nolibs for all your brunching needs...

                2. While I wouldn't call it upscale, the Society Hill Hotel bar and restaurant is open and, especially if the weather cooperates, could be a great lunch spot. The menu has entrees and salads in addition to sandwiches. Here's a link - it is at 3rd and Chestnut.

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                  1. re: Bigley9

                    society hill hotel - i've always wondered about this place but have yet to stop in!! thanks for the reminder!

                    oh, one other thought is pagoda noodle house near the ritz east movie theatre, 2nd and sansom. i have been there late laaaaaate at night and that place always seems to be open. i keep forgetting how amazing i think they are. i LOVE the indonesian tofu soup and the ho fun noodles.

                  2. Not to send you to 2 seafood places in a row (three with Fuji!) but has anyone been to Philadelphia Fish and Co recently at 2nd and Chestnut? Not hip, but it always was good, I just haven't been in awhile - and they do lunch for sure also

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                    1. re: Bigley9

                      Thanks all, for wonderful ideas. I'll never starve in those two areas again!

                      I'll leave the final choice to my friend on Saturday, but Legal seemed like the perfect spot for us on Sunday when choices are really limited.

                      1. re: Bashful3

                        i gotta say - the chowder is good, but the crab bisque is REALLY good. it costs more than twice the other soups but is big enough to be split and is worth every penny of the difference. it's the best thing i've had there.