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Oct 2, 2007 04:37 PM

Barney Greengrass or Five Points for Brunch.

This Saturday

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  1. Barney Greengrass. Nova, eggs and onions with two plain bagels.

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    1. re: fgf

      Hey, you took my line :). Don't forget to order the eggs soft scrambled. It is the best breakfast in the universe.

      Edit: one more thing, the bagles must be untoasted...this is as important as soft scrambling the eggs which is key.

    2. I've not been to Barney Greengrass, but if I had to choose between the 2, I'll go to Barney Greengrass.

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      1. re: RCC

        RCC, Did you have a bad experience at Five Points?? Why would you not go there?

        1. re: Porto

          Yes Porto. Overcooked eggs and we didn't find anything worth returning about. Besides, so far, all I've seen here are mostly positive posts about Barney Greengrass.

      2. They are so radically different. If you are looking for a typical brunch where it's comfortable and not rushed, then Five Points - the food is decent. I prefer Barney Greengrass - love their smoked fish and it's a lot more fun.

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        1. re: LifeisGood58

          That sounds great, thank you so much for the advice. Barney's it will be. Do you know if it get's busy, are reservations for brunch needed at all?

          1. re: Porto

            Very crowded and they don't take reservations. It is very casual and hectic. This is not a relaxing brunch atmosphere. If you can go earlier and not for brunch, you probably won't have to wait long.

        2. Am I the only one here voting for Five Points? I absolutely love that place.

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          1. re: scarlet starlet

            I second scarlet starlet, I think Five Points is one quality gets crowded, but there's a nice bar for you to continue where you left off your Saturday night festivities ;)

            I like to eats.

          2. I love both for very different reasons.

            Barney Greengrass is hectic, crowded, bustling, but I could stare at the atmosphere for hours on end. It's New York from another decade, like you just stepped into a movie. The smoke salmon is divine. You don't come for great service, you come here to be transported. It's a classic and for good reason! After your meal, poke around the smoked salmon case and gawk at all of the things they sell...that is, if you can squeeze through. The lines are long.

            Five Points is more contemporary, but they have very good dishes, many made from local ingredients. They have a wood oven and bake many of the egg dishes in there. Try the open faced bacon sandwich with mustard and a poached egg. Try their morning refresher drink. Or the fresh churros with hot chocolate. Or the banana french toast. It's good for large parties as you get to sit in the airy atmosphere in back. The menu is ever changing at Five Points. It is indeed relaxing, comfortable, with a tiny stream running down the middle of the room, warm light, and seasonal flower branches and white tablecloths. Make reservations.

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            1. re: kathryn

              The morning punch is delicious (and also very dangerous!) - it's made with vodka, OJ, grapefruit, lemon, and lime juices. A majorly citrusy screwdriver. Beware.