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Oct 2, 2007 04:14 PM

Restaurant Cooking classes in SD

Does anybody know if there are any restaurants in SD which offer cooking classes ? I am open to all cuisines but would be also very interested in more upscale restaurants.

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  1. Check in the Wed food section.

    I have taken some god classes at William Sonoma. The classes are small and you sit next to the stove, there are no tv's, very intimate.

    1. Only one I'm aware of is The Prado. Otherwise I'd check out the schedule at Great News in PB as they often have local chefs featured. Seems Macys down in Mission Vy is in with Bernard Guillas from Marine Room and he's featured there often.

      Another thing you might want to consider - doing a chef's table somewhere. It's been a few years but we did this on 3 occasions down at Sally's and all were exceptional experiences. You plan it in advance with the chef who personally introduces every course. You can go into the demo kitchen and watch, ask questions, etc. I think it was a max of 20pp minimum 12 - but as I said, it was a while ago. We brought our own wines and paid corkage. Still, I think the tab ended up somewhere around $120pp for 5+ courses - a steal. Since they have a special set up for this, I assume they still do it. If not, ask around - many places offer this but don't advertise.

      Good luck - please post what you find out!


      1. I got an e-mail last week from the Rancho Bernardo Inn about a special they are promotng (Did not see it on their website). A Friday and Saturday nite at the Inn, including breaskfast and lunch at their Veranda restaurant, a special dinner with the staff supposedly including one-on-one time with their executive chef Gavin Keyson (next Iron Chef?). Also included in the package is a 50-minute massage and 50-minute "body treatment." A little pricey at $395 as I recall (double that if someone else gets the package), although the $395 includes dinner for your guest, and I suppose they can share the bed if you play your cards right.

        1. The original comment has been removed