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Oct 2, 2007 03:48 PM

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

Looking for some inexpensive, yet delightful, options as we get to know the food of the city and the surrounding area. (I lived in Prov during college, but just recently moved back, so I'm getting reacquainted with the city).

Some that I've discovered, and really enjoy:

*Venda's -- grinders, hot dishes from the deli, etc
*Chilango's (pambazo! yum) and Piaxtla Tortilleria ($4.50 burrito, $1.50 taco)
*Not Just Snacks on Hope St
*Olga's Cup and Saucer-- baked goods seem pricey, but I love the sandwiches and pizzas
*pizza strips at Palmieris (50 cents each)

How about some fabulous pizza? other ideas? Have car, will travel...

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  1. thayer street up by brown...east side pockets...6 bucks for the most enormous falafel wrap that ive ever had....damn good...real small place to but they are busy

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      lili marlenes on atwells.great shrimp po boys and burgers,cheap too.

      1. re: cheflusk

        As much as I like ESP, I like the falafel place across the street better. (Near Ben and Jerrys, I think?) I feel like ESP's falafel are just like... chickpea donuts and you almost have to get everything on the wrap just to make the falafel taste good. Not that I'm complaining, I love hot sauce on everything, but I think that falafel should be able to stand alone...

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          Byblos? I think that's the name of the much better falafel place.

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            Byblos is great. They will custom make your sandwich and there is a lovely patio outside in the back. The proprietor has a very nice manner about him

      2. Arepas in Pawtucket $2.50 - 4.50 each and stuffed with meat

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          I might be wrong, but I drive by there pretty often, and I think it's closed (??). Looked closed today, actually.

          I go pretty frequently to the Shish Kabob place (so creatively named Shish Kabob Restaurant) diagonally across the street (Smithfield Ave., Pawtucket) and am now addicted to his schewerma in a pita, as well as the chicken kabob and the lamb. $5 average for his sandwiches, and they're excellent and pretty filling.

          1. re: Moonpie1

            I just went there (La Arepa) 2 weeks ago, and it was alive and kicking. It may just be the day you drive by, they are closed at least one day of the week, I know.

            1. re: Moonpie1

              i was just there on sunday, so it's totally open. they're closed on wednesdays.
              as a new resident in the area, i have to say that this place was a stellar reccomendation--got some plain corn arepas which were great, as well as trying the roast pork and chicken. all were really tasty....piled on a "venezuelan hamburger" just to try it out, and while i might not get it again with all the great arepas on the menu, it was a good sandwich and really filled the void. love this place already--my bill for all this came to 13$ sans tip. wow!

              also, i have to say that as someone new to the area i'm pretty excited about the pawtucket and central falls scene. looks like there's lots of great ethnic restaurants and markets to check out--i'm thrilled about exploring these 2 towns.

            2. re: Trnrbrnr

              La Arepa is alive and well -- thanks for this utterly delightful suggestion. We headed there Thursday afternoon and took our arepas to the park to enjoy. I teach Spanish and have already raved about it to my students -- great food, plus a cool chance to practice Spanish. They serve Venezuelan and Colombian treats at La Arepa, including Colombian sodas! The pabellon was loaded with goodies-- an arepa stuffed with meat, avocado, cheese, beans too I think - and for $4.50 is quite a deal. I love the cheese arepas too ($1.50), especially to take home and then grill for breakfast -- crunchy outside, gooey inside! I lived in Colombia for some time, and grilled up arepas daily for breakfast, so I am delighted to discover this place. The bean and cheese was tasty, too. :) Watch out for that salsa rosada (pink sauce), which I believe is just mayo and ketchup mixed together, but the spicy green sauce tasted fresh with a kick.

              Next on our list is Shish Kabob (yes, talk about creative naming!) which we did find diagonally across the street from La Arepa. We walked in to grab a take-out menu and it smells delicious in there! :) There's also a fantastic little Portuguese bakery across from Shish Kabob, same side of the street as La Arepa. Yum. We picked up some treats for dessert... mmmm.

              1. re: foxy fairy


                La Arepa
                574 Smithfield Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860

            3. I haven't been yet but a coworker tells me she gets a yummy Puerto Rican lunch at Rico Sazon on Atwells, at the intersection w/Valley. I swear she told me $3!

              1. I second your Venda's, Chilangos, and Not Just Snacks, and I'll raise you:

                -Nice Slice on Thayer. The least greasy pizza you can get on Thayer St, plus a whole wheat crust. Check out the cranberry topped slices.... my roommates love them. I stick to my Margherita slices.
                -Thai Star! Best Beef Yum I've ever had...

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                1. re: modysoul

                  On Thayer one night last week, we tried following your suggestion but I couldn't recall which pizza joint you had suggested. So we ended up at Antonio's by mistake -- a pretty good large pepperoni, but nothing wildly delicious, and certainly greasy which I don't mind. We sat at the counter along the window watching the ever-colorful foot traffic pass by on Thayer -- fun.

                  However, the steak burrito we ordered from Gordito (the small burrito place sharing the space inside Antonios) was HORRIBLE -- dry, bland, tough meat. Utter disappointment, and we didn't even take more than a couple of bites. I don't know why I even ordered it, b/c I knew that the burritos at Chilangos and Piaxtla would be infinitely better. Yet, I could have settled for gringo-style burrito, something like Bolocco in Boston which always makes me smile (I used to really like their turkey burrito, don't know if they're still doing that or if it's just a fall menu item). I was just in one of those moods where I wanted all of my cravings met simultaneously (pizza, burrito...)... learned my lesson. No more gorditos.
                  We will try Nice Slice next time.

                  1. re: foxy fairy

                    The new Mexican place on Thayer is pretty good - not stellar, but so much better than Gordito. I think it's called Baja? It's right by Shark.

                2. Good and thoroughly worthwhile thread:

                  -Taqueria Lupita in Central Falls - I'm sure not everything is under $10, but a lot is, and I like it even better than Chilangos. My favorite Mexican food in the area.
                  -La Lupita in Olneyville Square - Solid, tasty tacos and huaraches and now very good tamales too.
                  -Taco truck, usually on Manton across from Atlantic Mills -- Amazing carnitas, maybe the best I've ever had.
                  -Mumu lunch specials - Perfectly executed Chinese and Americanized Chinese basics for $6-7. The hard part in not ordering all the other, non-lunch special stuff.
                  -Via Via on Thayer. I swear, the best slice in Providence. Nice Slice holds the #2 slot for me.
                  -Kafe Lila's homemade ice cream and ices up in Pawtucket.
                  -The Chez Pascal hot dog cart, both the dogs and the corned beef are just plain awesome.
                  -This time of year, a fresh apple from Hill or Barden orchards at any number of farmers markets around town... yum.

                  I'll add more if I think of them.

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                    Oh, i meant to mention Stanley's in Central Falls (and soon Providence, I guess) too. I went there, and while it's a style of burger that usually doesn't do much for me--very fast food style, thin patties, bland white buns--something about the place is so winning that I really enjoyed it. The onions and pickles add some nice flavor, plus it's very cheap. And decent fries too, although again not my favorite type.

                    1. re: celeriac

                      Where on Manton is the taco truck? Near the Stop and Shop? Or near where they hold that big flea market on the weekends?

                      1. re: foxy fairy

                        Over the summer it was often parked across the street and just slightly up the hill from the building where they hold the flea market in the basement--Atlantic Mills. That said, I don't know if they will still be open this time of year. I'd be surprised, but you never know.

                        Also, I later tried the steak and was not into it.

                    2. re: celeriac

                      Did someone saaayyyy taco truck?!? Celeriac, I share your dislike for the Chicago style thin crust. When I was in exile, I used to call them communion wafer pizzas.

                      Welcome back, Foxy.