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Oct 2, 2007 02:36 PM

Best Towns in Westchester

1) For food
2) For atmosphere/strolling around/hanging out.

Looking to take a day trip "up North."


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  1. Hi,
    Can you provide more info as to what you're looking for? It looks like you're from LI and therefore I assume you're driving? If taking the train then I especially have to say that I am partial to my little town of Bronxville. However, even if driving the size of the town makes it convenient to just park and walk around. But may not merit an entire day of walking around.

    In regard to food I would recommend Rosie's for Italian...

    Underhill's Crossing for new American...
    Haiku for Asian ...

    After walking around, it's mostly shops and boutiques, I recommend the gelato at Il Baccio Trattoria on Park.

    Can I also suggest, while not Westchester, but 30 min. North of Bronxville, is South Norwalk (in CT). Cute area, good restaurants and shopping, similar to Bronxville, but there is an aquarium and some art galleries, and just more to walk around and see in general.

    1. As far as strolling, there was an article about this topic in this month's Westchester Magazine. See the article here:

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      1. re: shellyesq

        Thanks for sharing, I haven't gotten around to even looking at this months magazine.

        Glad to see Bronxville made #1. My husband and I often refer to it as "Stars Hollow", or "Mayberry" for those that don't get the Gilmore Girls reference, since you can't walk through town without running into someone you know or who wants to chat!

        It looks like I have to get out and explore the other towns listed as I'm still getting to know the area, If you (or anyone reading this thread) have inexpensive lunch recommendations in any of the Westchester towns listed or other not to miss info I would love to hear about it!

        1. re: SweetPea914

          Multi -ethnic choices in tarrytown/sleepy hollow. Great town to spend an afternoon in as well.Historic sites, Antiquing, galleries,Hudson river parks, etc.

      2. I'll put in a vote for my hometown of Mamaroneck. It's not cutesy or picturesque downtown. The atomosphere is totally non-pretentious. Yet downtown contains many of hte kinds of places seen in more upscale communities. We have a good selection of mom-and-pop shops, a nice waterfront park, and your pick of restaurants (Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French) along with a movie theater and the Emelin Theater. Walk along the strip on a warm night and you'll see a real neighborhood full of people out enjoying the evening together. The coffee house isn't a Starbucks. Give it a try.

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        1. re: Avalondaughter

          I'd have to agree avalon. Been up here just two years now and have to say that living in Westchester and specifically in Mamaroneck has been great.

          Of course there are great, generally upscale shopping strips in Bronxville, Larchmont (Palmer), Rye (Purchase) and I find their stores better for window shopping/perusing and sometimes buying too. But after that and a lunch you're done. The eclectic nature of Mamaroneck and the diversity combined with the Harbor makes it a decent destination. Of course, if Rye-bound, one can do Purchase street and then, in good weather, head down to Oakland Beach and Playland area for a stroll.

          That said, we've also enjoyed time in Tarrytown - small interesting stores and restaurants (Lefteris specifically) and Dobb's Ferry, Hastings, etc all on the Hudson river are quaint too.

          So, GCguy - to make a long post even longer, I'd suggest not one town but a few - pick an area - ie, Sound Shore (New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye and PC) or the Hudson River towns (Tarrytown, Hastings, Dobbs, et all) and go to more than one. Everyone has different things to offer and collectively have enough to keep you busy for a full day and a few meals.

          1. re: laylag

            This has been great, and that Westchester magazine article is perfect. I was thinking about just that...going "town hopping." I will be driving up from LI, so it'll be relatively easy. I've really only kinda driven through WP, spent some limited time in Scarsdale and Larchmont.

            Thanks everyone. Keep the thoughts coming, please, but this is great.

        2. GCGuy,

          We recently discovered Lefteris in Tarrytown. Amazing gyro, the best I've ever had. So fresh!! Everything else looked and smelled divine. Quite packed for lunch on a Thursday. Seemed to be all regulars. The owner was very nice as well. It's right on the Route 9 (A) in Tarrytown village. Very inexpensive too. I think another poster mentioned it as well.

          You can't beat Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown area at Halloween time. Check out the Sleepy Hollow cemetery, if that is of interest to you. I'm a cemetery junkie myself. Brooke Astor, Rockefellers, Washington Irving and the Helmsley's gaudy masoleum are all there. Interesting to see. Huge too.

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            1. re: Marge

              Thanks Marge.

              My husband loves Avegelomono almost more than life itself!

              I wish we got up to Westchester a bit more often. We will check this place out.

            2. re: JGS

              Lefteris (and Tarrytown) are on Route 9... 9A is about a mile east at that point (at some spots they are one and the same. but not in Tarrytown). That spot is always very, very crowded. It is good. One safety tip: stay away from the falafel. It is the only thing I've had that is not made on site, and it's bad. (Sorry Chris [the prop]).

              1. re: woodburner

                Forget Lefteris;for really great inexpensive fresh Greek food give Santorini in Sleepy Hollow a try. ( see excellent new Greek food thread)

            3. I'm new to the board, but I have to say that I was surprised to see that Peekskill wasn't on Westchester Magazine's list. It has a great downtown, with a number of excellent restaurants, galleries, stores, the Paramount Theater, and the best coffee house in the county (personally). We drive there all the time to stroll and eat. And the riverfront park is great. I also reccomend Katonah and Mt Kisco--great places to stroll.