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Oct 2, 2007 02:12 PM


My family loves PBJ sandwiches, we howver all have different jelly prefrences. 3 of use jelly, one of us uses fluff. Some of us add apples and bananas. Rarely do we all have the same sandwich. We are like the 3 bears of Jackie's Jams

We have been getting great jam at the Hillcrest Farmers Market from Jackie of Jackie’s Jams.

They have a great combination of flavors. My son loves the Triple Berry, I love the Apricot and my wife likes the Strawberry-Rhubarb. .

All of her flavors are created from fresh produce that she gets from the farmers market; everything is done in small batches with a great deal of care. If you are in the area of the farmers market, I would recommend trying JACKIES JAMS.

She is at many of the local farmers markets and I recently saw her stuff at Seisels.

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  1. Oh, Jackie's Jams are the best! We love the triple berry, mango raspberry and spiced peach. The jalapeno jam is divine on a cracker with a little whipped cream cheese.

    Does anyone know if she is at the La Mesa Farmers Market? I am hoping to be able to make it there for the first time this Friday, in hopes to pick up some more of her jam.

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      I haven't seen her there - but someone (Candice Woo) gave us a jar of her blood orange marmalade and we have been enjoying it!

      1. re: Alice Q

        They are in the hillcrest market on the farmer side a little north of the middle. IWe met Candace at a mutual friends B-Day party recently.